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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
--Phil Jackson

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Haroon Rashid

What are your views on Aaruush'16 and what is your mission this year to see it change and grow?

Aaruush'16, or as we call it 'The Decade Edition', was able to reach greater heights in terms of footfall. Our misson this year is to work on the negatives, to think beyond and prepare the base for the next 3 editions as well.

When did you first start working for Aaruush and how has the feeling translated over the years?

I started my Aaruush journey in my first year as a part of the registration team. I could see my work being appreciated by seniors and was looking forward to work next year as well and my own team of juniors. Being a part of highlights committee in the third year provided a valuable personal exposure. I had to interact with companies as a Committee Head. This helped me move forward and develop an attachment towards Aaruush.

We have always considered Aaruush to be more than just a technical fest, When did you see yourself getting attached to this fest?

Aaruush provides several instances where it imbibes a sense of belongingness. No communication gap or lack of appreciation between the top and the bottom tier exists. Moreover, success in an assigned task encourages the individual to give his best always. I was involved for recruiting and organizing the royal enfield show. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show this encouraged me to more and do better.

Any shoutouts to those special seniors?

There is a great level of admiration that i have for my seniors. You guys are the ones who have moulded me, made me the person i have become. Your actions are within me, and i will strive to impact my juniors and Aaruush the same way you guys did.

Aaruush is what it is due to the undying efforts of everyone associated with it and their firm focus. What is your vision for this year's Aaruush and the many ones to come?

Aaruush has established itself at the National level and this has been possible only because each and every individual that has been involved in Aaruush. Every individual has a defined job profile which they strive to fulfill, taking Aaruush to the next level. The vision for this year is to consolidate its stance and take it deeper into the hearts of people, make them a part of it. Moreover, it is necessary to provide exposure to our team members, to build well trained team for the next editions as well.

Lastly what would you say was your tagline or quote that you standby for this year's Aaruush ?

One quote by Randy Pausch, "It's not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we do not." This quote helped me take decisions with a lot more confidence.

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Ranshu Anandan

What’s your Vision for Aaruush’17?

This was said in the valedictory function of Aaruush’16 as well that Aaruush has grown in its quantity as much as it could. We are at the epitome in the country as of now. Now we push towards quality instead of quantity. So instead of having more number of events or highlights, we’re looking for quality now. We’ll have less but we’ll have great. So that’s the vision we look for in the X1 edition.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

If you look at the Aaruush history, you’ll see A’13 was the most marked upon Aaruush editions that we have. Then there were slide slopes going on in SRM, the catastrophes, management and what not. Aaruush’16 has come and given us a stable platform. Its up to our team or the committee heads to take it up. We’re at the stage where we can push it to a level above A’13 edition where it was at its best. So we have a stable platform right now, and its our job to push it towards quality.

What changes do you wish to bring in Aaruush?

In Aaruush, at times due to the need or circumstances, we promise a lot and we are not able to match up to our promise. This edition we match up to all our promises.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

Adi bhaiya coined this that “Aaruush is a feeling” and i believe in it more strongly now as family brings you happiness and Aaruush is family. We’d started Aaruush Anecdotes, and i wrote one for the same which said, “New College, New Friends, New life, New hostel, New Teachers, New Family Aaruush”. So my standstill quote will be, “Welcome to the family I call Aaruush.”

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Dakshita Kumar

What is your Mission or Targets for X1 edition of Aaruush?

My target for Aaruush'17 - The X1 Edition would be to not only make Aaruush the most memorable 4 Days of the year, but to make sure it becomes a permanent part of everyone's heart. Deliver quality that draws everyone and carve a niche for ourselves.

What is your vision for the upcoming editions of Aaruush?

The most important dream of mine would be to see Aaruush transform from just a 4 day festival to an organization, a year round carnival, an integral part of everyone's college life, something they feel as their own.

What does Aaruush mean to you?

To me Aaruush is family, it is home away from home. It has made a permanent mark in not just my heart and mind but even soul.

Aaruush is not a fest, it is an emotion- What is your stance on this statement?

Aaruush truly is an emotion. An emotion that binds us all. It is not just pleasure or profession, it is an adrenaline rush, it constitutes an integral part of our college life , it is my friends and family.

A quote that you stand by/strongly believe in?

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”- Mahatma Gandhi

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Ashritha R Setlur

What is your Vision for the upcoming editions of Aaruush?

My primary vision is to make Aaruush an internationally recognized organization.

How has the feeling of working in Aaruush translated over the years?

The first memory you could say I have of Aaruush was a phone call from one of the seniors asking me if I was interested in writing content for this website they were trying to build and that is when my journey really began. From sitting amongst 30-40 people and listening to my seniors talk about Aaruush so fondly and until this day when I stand in front of a similar crowd doing the same the voyage has been not just beautiful but exhilarating and inspiring at the same time. There has been a transition in my life from the day I joined SRM but Aaruush has always been the constant.

What are your expectations out of Aaruush’17 for all the work that’s been put into it?

Belief and Hope are pillars that the entire world stands on. It is with these pillars that the team of Aaruush'17 wishes to soar higher by the day and touch greater heights.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

"I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." Invictus, William Ernest Hemingway

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Nishanth Buggineni

what does Aaruush mean to you?

Aaruush for me is something that has pointed me towards a different angle of life. I used to be the sports captain for my school and play every possible sport during my school days. So the lifestyle which I followed back then continued with me till college until the day Raviteja Potla bhaiya told me about this thing which would change my life, it’s name was Aaruush. Everything which helped me on field that time made me who I am today for Aaruush. Getting to know people, publicising, strong financial mind, becoming aware even the art of manipulations came as an added benefit.

A quote that you believe in?

“If you don’t like a rule... Just follow it.. Reach on Top.. and change the rule” – Adolf Hitler

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Pranav Dhingra

Could you tell in short what is your mission for A'17 as in what do you wanna see AARUUSH achieving in this edition?

AARUUSH is something that touches your heart and soul, and for this upcoming edition I just want for the people to enjoy and remember it as their most memorable 4 days of the year. And this not just for the SRM crowd but for everyone who comes to AARUUSH.

What is your vision for AARUUSH, how would you like to this tech fest in the near future?

So talking about the future, maybe 5 years from now I want AARUUSH to reach to new heights where it's not just the best Tech Fest in South India, but is competing with other renowned tech fests in the country to be the best.

Uncle Ben once said, "with great power comes great responsibilities". You started working for AARUUSH since 1st year as a volunteer and now 3 years later down the lane you the organizer of one of the biggest team in AARUUSH. tell us about your experience.

: So yes when you start your journey as volunteer it was more of fun with some work load ofcourse, but when you make your way to a CM work load increases and you start becoming more responsible , and the same thing increases exponentially when you become a CH and then now as an organizer you automatically become more responsible not just for your actions but what your teams does a whole.

How would you say that AARUUSH has changed you?

I can never thank enough to AARUUSH , its has completely changed me as person I was always kind of shy and introverted in my school days. I was never able to speak to crowd be it even 15 people but today I can clearly address to over 100-200 people at once. It has given me a lot of practical knowledge as to how the world works, something which books couldn't do.

That one quote that you truly believe in?

"Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning, anyone can start over and make a new ending"

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Muddana Sai Kumar

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Vivek Kumar

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K. Poojith Sai Kumar

What is your Mission for Aaruush this year? What do you want to achieve with your team?

As this is our eleventh edition everyone expects this to be better than the past ten editions. Every single edition of Aaruush has been special. Its about constantly improvising and improving in every single way we can all with a single goal to reach the top. So, with the help of my team I want AARUUSH to reach/cross that level what people are expecting.

What is your Vision for Aaruush this year? How do you want to see Aaruush in the years to come?

In this edition I will help AARUUSH in every possible way in order to get it certified by INDIAN STANDARD INSTITUTE(ISI). I want AARUUSH to be known to many universities all over INDIA for its best technical events.

Since when have you been a part of the Aaruush family? How much has it developed you as a person?

Since my first year I have been working in AARUUSH. By working in AARUUSH I got to learn different ways of handling different types of people , got to learn a lot about teamwork I also learnt how to complete a given work with in stipulated time patiently

What would be your advice to those who are about to become a part of Aaruush for the first time?

I want to make sure to everyone to join AARUUSH inorder to get a family away from home. The team of Aaruush address themselves as a closely knit community. We are a family more than mere colleagues working together. We have eachother’s backs and are always ready to help one another.

We all have known that more than a fest, Aaruush is an emotion. How emotionally attached are you to this event? What does Aaruush mean to you?

Normally i love eating. But after I joined AARUUSH, I prefer to do my work completely rather than eating. AARUUSH is my family.

What is your favorite quote that you believe in?

"Hope is not only the light you Carry within, it is also what often carries you through."

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Sai Kumar Kolla

What is that one thing that keeps you going? What motivates you?

The one thing that keeps me going is the thought of seeing my parents happy. The values and words of Good deeds my parents taught me always motivates me to go for it.!

What is that one thing that keeps you attached to Aaruush?

The bond I've been having with all the team members,Knowing new people and different ways of working as a team made be an independent individual and keeps me attached to aaruush.

What is your vision for Aaruush?

With increased interest in technology and More Students willing to participate in the technical fest, Gradually there would be an uprise in Aaruush with more volunteers and Students from all over different places to take part in all types of events,workshops and other activities.

How do you see Aaruush grow after you're graduated from SRM?

Tech has evolved as a platform for creators, innovators and thinkers to express themselves and bring to life their thoughts and ideas. Tech is limited not by our times but by our dreams. Aaruush helps cultivate this zeal for technology by offering an unbiased platform for such creators, innovators and thinkers . In the coming years, my vision for Aaruush is to see it grow to extent such that it becomes a primary choice for students want to participate in.

Any message for all the members of Aaruush?

Although all of us are from different places,We are now together on a Platform to work as a team.So where there is team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

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Uday Mallikarjun

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

A wise man once said “If you know something, teach it to someone” so we have started special classes last year in which we teach web and app development, Graphic Designing, VFX, Video Editing, Photography, Music etc. Apart from other targets, my mission will also be to continue teaching juniors all I have learnt in my 3 years.

What’s your Vision for upcoming editions of Aaruush?

For the upcoming editions I would like to see integration of technology in functioning & management of Aaruush.

Tell us about your Aaruush journey.

I haven’t worked in my first semester (Aaruush’14). I was a lazy introvert kid who didn’t want to go out and socialize. Little did I know that Aaruush will play a gigantic role in my personality development. I joined ORM in my 2nd semester and have applied for an event in X-Zone at the same time. In the event interview I was suggested to join in creatives for which I applied and was selected. So I have worked both in ORM and Creatives in Aaruush’15. I didn’t know anything about designing or programming when I joined but it’s that astonishing aura of Aaruush that helped me learn and grow.

What is the one thing that you love about Aaruush?

Aaruush is not just a fest for team members, all committees and domains work in sync and help each other. A bond is created among the team members and everyone work as a family. This is what I love in Aaruush and it keeps motivating and pushing me harder to do my best

Could you tell us a quote that inspires you everyday?

There are a few.
1) "When you are in 90's you are half way there" - Sachin Tendulkar
2) “Be a leader, not a boss”

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Arjun R

Where do u wish to see Aaruush in the future?

I want aaruush to proceed further as a national level techno management fest which reaches out to every corner of India. Also, I really would love to see is Aaruush attaining international recognition

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

As a creatives and media organizer, first and foremost thing will be to keep a check on the quality of photos and videos that we release. I always wanted to have a Live TV during aaruush, And I’m hoping that it would happen this year and yeah obviously my main aim will be to showcase the best of aaruush to the public.

Quite contrary to the previous editions of Aaruush, the creatives and Media domains have been merged together to form one individual domain collectively called as Creatives and Media in Aaruush’17. What will you do strengthen this coalition and what ideas will the new team implement together?

Actually, I am really excited about this coalition. Media team no doubt has an abundance of talent. This time, media and creatives are one single team and we can do wonders with the team. Media has really good content writers, lots of people who can give us ideas and creatives has the people with the skill set to execute these ideas. So together we are really a strong team which can make Aaruush’17 an amazing experience for everybody.

Could you tell us a quote that inspires you everyday?

“work until you don’t have to introduce yourself”

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Kaushal Ganta

You have been working in aaruush since the first year ? How has the feeling translated for the next few years?

I worked in Deco and arts in the first year along with creatives and exclusively creatives for the next two years. It was an incredible experience working for Aaruush and that’s what made me come back year after year.

So Kaushal what is that one thing that keeps you going? Something that motivates you?

Ever since i started working for aaruush as a volunteer ... It was the bond i shared with people working with me that kept me motivated. The seniors who were working hard day and night inspired me to become an organizer one day. Then slowly i started photography and nurtured my skills through aaruush in the years to come. I learned a lot about photography from my seniors and fellow committee members. I transformed from a rookie photographer to a semi pro in these years. And i owe it all to Aaruush. Hence it’s the Knowledge i gained from aaruush and the bond i share with this family, that motivates me and keeps me going.

3) So, you've been a part of Aaruush since first year. Now that you're in third year and almost ready to enter your final year. Where do you see Aaruush when you graduate from SRM?

Aaruush has grown to be one of the best tech fests of the country. And by the time i graduate ... I see Aaruush among the top 10 tech fests of India. I, along with my fellow organizers in Envision Aaruush to stand for a cause, A cause for which it will be known. That’s the vision we have for Aaruush as Organizers for Envision.

What are your targets for Aaruush'17 and how do you plan on achieving them?

We want Aaruush to work for a social cause. We are looking forward for collaborations with HFS, UNHCR and the UN Women. So we aim to achieve that by organizing events that focus on women empowerment and could help the underprivileged

What will be your message to all the people associated with Aaruush be it ex-organisers, CHs and even volunteers?

You've been doing a great job which is evident by the success of the fest. Keep this spirit up. Keep working hard and never give up. Aim for the pinnacle, learn and improve from your mistakes. Keep giving Aaruush your best and Aaruush will nurture a great person out of you.

Could you tell us a quote that inspires you everyday?

"It's in the pitch dark that stars shine the brightest." I remember this during the tough times and work even harder to achieve.

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Sabiq Ali Chaudhary

What does Aaruush mean to you?

So in the very first meeting (in my first year) I was told by a senior of mine (Aditya Kamal Bhaiya), that Aaruush is a feeling and it cannot be described in words! It is something you feel a belonging to, it is something you can call your own and be proud of!.

Why did you begin working for Aaruush?

When I was pitched Aaruush by a committee member of mine (in my first year), he told me that the team was going to Bangalore to bring sponsors and that I should join him so that is what got me in. Once I got in, I realised that it is fun, it requires responsibility and it is an amazing overall experience!

What do you find special about Aaruush?

Camaraderie! It means trust, friendship and teamwork amongst a group of people, and I believe that is why Aaruush is so special.

How has Aaruush changed you or taught you something which could not have been taught in classrooms?

It has taught me how to be persistent. It has allowed me to take on a lot of work without complaining, and because of that I have been able to achieve targets more easily than before.

One thing you would like to tell newcomers about Aaruush?

Even though everyone has different opinions about Aaruush no one can deny the fact that it is indeed a feeling! It is something that you feel you are working towards and you cannot be forced to do it no matter what the incentive is. It is upto YOU in the end to give something back for everything that this college has given you.

Where do you see Aaruush in the next 5 years?

What we are organising right now is one of the best NATIONAL LEVEL fests in India. In the next 5 years, I want Aaruush to go global and be known internationally. I want foreign universities to be a part of this experience and raise the calibre of Aaruush even more.

What is Envision and what is special about it?

So, envision as a committee is something which has never been tried before. It is the embodiment of the idea that this Aaruush should stand for something. Envision is what we hope will help you innovate in order to take our fest to newer echelons of success

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CH. Goutham Reddy

What does AARUUSH mean to you?

AARUUSH is something that made me cherish and helped me improve my personality in all the ways possible. I connect to AARUUSH as a family member which helps people to share ideas and emotions and helps to work together as a team.

When did you first start working for AARUUSH and how has the feeling transformed and translated over the years?

My journey with AARUUSH started from my first year.First I took it as a job and eventually it transformed into a part of my B.Tech life. It is amazing.

How do you intend to put together your team and how would you like them to work towards AARUUSH?

I intend to make my team work with unity and move forward with commitment.

How do you think that the committees you lead are going to impact AARUUSH'17?

Envision makes AARUUSH move towards new ideas that improve AARUUSH as a techfest and also as an organisation that brings social change. Deco and arts is something that showcases the ideas of a techfest visually and adds color to the fest.

What is your Mission for AARUUSH?

To make AARUUSH stand for the technicality and social causes.

What do you want new in AARUUSH this year?

I want AARUUSH to not only grow as a techfest but also as an organisation that brings social change with its ideas.

What is your Vision for AARUUSH?

I wish to see AARUUSH in the topline of the tech fests in India.

A quote that portrays yourself?

"Success in life is not about luck. It is about managed thoughts, focused attention and deliberate action."

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Radhika Shukla

What does Aaruush mean to you?

Well Aaruush is not just a family or a feeling for me . It's an inspiration . It always inspires me to something more . It motivates me to move forward and helps me extending my limits to work.

When did you start working for Aaruush and what inspired you to work for Aaruush?

I started my journey in Aaruush when I was in my first year. And it was because I was always a part of organizing events and fest in my school days and thus I found my interest in Aaruush.

So now you're the Organiser for Bluebook and Envision. How do you feel about the journey so far and what is your mission for A'17?

For the past three years I have been a part of guest handling which was earlier the part of hospitality and then highlights , and this time I am given something which I am all new to. Firstly I feel amazing to be a part of something so grand and secondly I am real glad for the whole experience I am going to earn being an organizer for both committee and domain. I hope that is time being an organizer of bluebook and envision I am able to bring Aaruush to a whole new level where it will the student learn new concepts and get a chance to reconnect themselves to the basic life sciences they were earlier a part of. Also I would try that Aaruush not only is know for its technicality but also for the important role it plays the society by standing up for a social cause.

And where do you wish to see Aaruush in the future? What’s your vision?

In future I want to see Aaruush reaching great heights ,inspiring everyone as it does me now.

How has Aaruush changed you?

Aaruush has taught me to become more confident , patient and has taught me how to understand and analyse different situations in a better manner.

Last but not the least, one quote/thought you believe in?

Yes so the quote i strongly believe in is the one from Helen Keller: "Optimism is faith that Leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."

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Sai Krishna G

What are your targets to be achieved for A'17 and what are the targets that you have achieved so far, with respect to Aaruush?

To bring more than sufficient sponsorship amount and make the present edition of Aaruush the best one . And stand as a best sponsorship team. I was able to bring highest external publicity count from Hyderabad when I was a committee member for CSI and was successfully able to bring stalls and also made deal with HP for associate sponsor as committee head of Sponsorship and Marketing.And I could also generate a good impression of the fest among the sponsors.

How would you like Aaruush to be, a few years from now?

It should be the most desirable tech fest for students all over the country.

What does Aaruush mean to you?

Aaruush is a place where student can explore and redefine him/herself.It creates a bond between students and innovations.

Aaruush is not a fest, it is an emotion- What is your stance on this statement?

It helped me in discovering myself, it gave me new friends, taught me many things like how to deal with people of different mentalities, showed me the difference between good and bad ,made me capable to handle peer pressure conditions and it gave me the confidence to achieve any I want in life .So it is not just a fest for me it is an emotion.

Why, how and when did you begin to work for Aaruush?

During my 1st year I've seen many roadshows and events conducted by Aaruush team where I've seen organisers working collectively inorder to make the fest successful, I could see leadership qualities and management skills in them. My interest in emerging as a leader since my childhood and to develop my management abilities has driven me to work for Aaruush.

Why did you choose to join sponsorship?

I worked for CSI in my 1st and 2nd year where I learnt managing things,and publicity of the fest ,as I got handson experience on these things I wanted to expand my knowledge .Due to my interest towards marketing and also interacting with people I thought sponsorship and marketing would provide me a good platform in building me up.

State a quote that you stand by/strongly believe in.

“Take risks in life ,if you win you can lead,if you lose you can guide.”

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Aneek Barman Roy

What is your target/goal or mission for Aaruush 2017 to make it a memorable one?

The obvious answer would be to make this edition bigger and better than its previous ones. However, the aim should be to keep pushing the boundaries. The overall impact of each edition must help the ones in the coming years. On a personal level, my aim would be to associate various companies and organizations with the fest and to bridge their communications.Also, I would like to organize workshops which offer quality and promises national level exposures.

What is your vision or rather where do you wish to see Aaruush in the future?

Aaruush is now a decade old and has gone through various challenges thereby experiencing success. The fest is improving each year and features in the list of the biggest fests of the country. Consistency is key. Given the workflow and the dedication of each individual in the team(right from the first years),I think we are a formidable force and we have the potential to consistently rank among the best in the country.As we keep on saying,may the force be with us!

Is there any particular quote or phrase that you believe in that pushes you forward?

Steve Jobs once said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. These words are simple yet offer a massive motivation. The driveforce that pushes me is an amalgamation of what Jobs said and what Nike believes in-Just Do It .The extra steps would be executed if we take initiatives.

On a more personal level , What does Aaruush mean to you and what made you want to work for Aaruush?

I started working in Aaruush to witness the behind-the-scenes. I also wanted to meet the personalities who come during the fest.I was under the impression of attending pro-shows or events for free if i stick around.The reasons were silly(maybe?).But,they were not to the first year bespectacled introvert who just joined college. With a good progress in work profile and struggling to recover from the reality check, i started learning the various mechanisms and functionalities of the fest with keen interest. I slowly developed a sense of professionalism. For me, Aaruush was only about work till the second year. Emotions which are ineffable. For me ,most of time in college has been associated with Aaruush.

Similarly how did you start working for Aaruush?

My friend introduced me to Aaruush, specially the Hospitality Committee. The initial first two years of hardwork in the Registration Sub-Committee involved handling of finance and great hospitality to a huge number of incoming participants. My third year in Aaruush as the Head of Committee was an important learning phase as I got the opportunity to work with a lot of people, take important decision calls and lead a larger number of people. There have been arguments and disappointments in various stages of work. But,the joys,satisfactions and pleasant moments outnumber them.

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Sai Pavan V

What is your Mission for Aaruush’17?

I want Aaruush to be known globally, to make Aaruush the brand it is meant to be.

What does Aaruush mean to you?

Aaruush is a constant learning process, it is a place to work and enjoy. We call each other family!

Why did you begin working for Aaruush?

I wanted to get rid of my fears such as stage fright and public speaking. Also anyone can work upto their potential, but I wanted to increase my potential and then work up to it, that is why I joined Aaruush.

What do you find special about Aaruush?

There is a sense of professionalism, amongst everyone. Also Aaruush is one of the biggest techno-management fests in India and to gain exposure at this level is amazing!

How has Aaruush changed you or taught you something which could not have been taught in classrooms?

Aaruush has taught me to be professional and practical. It has shown me how the outside world works and that is very important as well.

Where do you see Aaruush in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I want Aaruush to be renowned internationally and it should be among one of the Top 5 fests in India!

Tell us a Quote you live by or a quote that inspires you everyday.

"Every accomplishment begins with a decision to try."

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Shivansh Mishra

What is your mission for Aaruush’17?

To make Aaruush'17 so entertaining that the guests shall forget all their pains when they attend it, to organise guest lectures of such a kind that they create a mark on the brains of the attendees.

Describe your experience working for Aaruush?

From being a boy with low confidence, stage fright to a person filled with qualities such as self-reliance ,courage and phlegm - this is how Aaruush has changed my life. I started in Aaruush to leave a mark ,to make something organised only by students bigger and better ,to make SRM bigger. Started working as a Hospitality volunteer to the organiser of Highlights Committee, it has been an enthralling journey, one that will always be remembered by me.

A quote you firmly standby or believe in?

"Day one or One day, Choice is yours."

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Y.R.V.V. Naveen Raja

Can you lay down Quote or a set of principles you firmly stand by?

I believe in having a few set of principles that I think if followed by each and every individual working for Aaruush, would make Aaruush a huge success. 1. Having a big and great aim 2. Acquiring knowledge 3. Working Hard 4. Showing perseverance

What is your mission or Targets for the X1 Edition of Aaruush?

My mission towards Aaruush’17 is to explore the latest technology, to fetch the best promotional events, to have new championship and to bring out the best workshops for the students and also to improve the quality of accommodation.

What is your visions for the upcoming Editions of Aaruush?

To see Aaruush as one among the top college fests over India.

What does Aaruush mean to you?

Aaruush is a place where we come out of our comfort zone and indulge into new innovative ideas like workshops, guest lectures etc. and also it teaches the true teamspirit and time management as we get into different teams.

Why did you start working for Aaruush?

Aaruush is a good platform to showcase the leadership qualities and talents. It also followed a good hierarchy in functioning. So, I began working with Aaruush.

What else do you want to add to Aaruush’17?

I would like to add on some unique proshows, some more fun related technical events and new championship.

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Kalaivani B

Would you please describe your journey though Aaruush over the years? What do you look forward to with each edition of this National Level Techno-Management Fest?

Joining Aaruush was just for fun and the excitement to do something other than academics. Though I was interested in arts, I wasn't encouraged much at home and school level to do arts and crafts, so I got so much attracted to these paints and brushes that I never wanted to leave Deco. What I like about Aaruush is the content feel that we get even at the end of a day that was full of work.
It was a total transformation from a shy girl who never started a conversation with a stranger to the bold girl who speaks, convinces and encourages people. I did work in few other clubs and Associations , but Aaruush is the base reason for my performance in other clubs too.

If you had to describe what Aaruush meant to you in one sentence, what would it be?

It's a special thing in my life which let me grow as a person

When times are hard and things aren't going according to plan, what keeps you going? Do you have a special quote that you draw inspiration from?

"When you are feeling blue, go ahead and paint yourself another colour." Things might not always go according to the way they were planned. People who were with me always encouraging me kept me moving towards the destiny.

What do you hope to achieve this Aaruush as Organizer of Deco & Arts?

I hope to make the campus more brighter and colourful with all the possible things me and my team can plan and execute. And I also wish to be a better version of kalaivani after a year from now

We're very excited to see what you've got in store for us. Where do you hope to see Aaruush in the future?

Maybe after 15/ 20 years when I step in the campus as analumni I would like to see team Aaruush doing more improvised events throughout the year for which many other institutions compete to be a part of.

Are there any parting words you'd like to leave us with?

Hope all the next generations of our juniors collaborate all our work experience with their knowledge and skills to make Aaruush’s journey towards infinity a more exciting one.

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Manish Agrawal

What are your Missions for the X1 edition of Aaruush?

Working hard together as one team and achieving the goals we have set together

What does Aaruush mean to you?

A trustworthy and equally promising opportunity that gives a chance to showcase my talents.

Why did you begin working for Aaruush?

Initially, I saw my friends getting into it and I joined Aaruush.

What do you find special about Aaruush?

AARUUSH gives you a sense of responsibility. As a team member you are expected to be a born leader being equally balanced, professional and proactive at the same time.

How has Aaruush changed you or taught you something which couldnt have been taught in classrooms?

AARUUSH has Constantly refined my personality as well as work towards the growth of me as an individual

Where do you see Aaruush in the next 5 years?

Aaruush should consist of a diverse array of highly competitive technical and managerial events which attract the participation of the best brains of the leading engineering and management institutes from all across the country and even from abroad.

A quote you firmly believe in?

“Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your action speak”

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Soumya Sharma

Would you please describe your Journey through Aaruush over the years? What do you look forward to with each edition of this National Level Techno-Management fest?

I started off as an enthusiastic volunteer in accommodation under hospitality. As I took the post of a committee member I had greater responsibility as I had to not only set an example for my juniors but also manage them. This is the exact time when Aaruush made a place in my heart and was no longer just a college fest but much more. The third year brought a whole new wave of decision making and quick -thinking situations. Variety of jobs had to be done which needed a wide array of skills.I made some great friends because of aaruush that I would cherish all my life.

If you had to describe what Aaruush meant to you in one sentence, what would it be?

Aaruush is a feeling or an emotion.
That’s how everyone who is working for it perceives it, right from the volunteers to the convenor. Integrating ideas, plans and moreover people, who make the team stronger with each addition to the family.

When times are hard and things aren't going according to plan, what keeps you going? Do you have a special quote that you draw inspiration from?

Not exactly a quote but there is this poem by Robert Frost and these two lines from the poem keep me going always-
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep.
Miles to go before I sleep,
Miles to go before I sleep”

What do you hope to achieve this Aaruush as Organizer of Quality Assurance?

I guess, I have worked three years as a part of Aaruush, so basically I have known it from inside out, the strengths and the vices. As someone who has the power to affect change, I see not myself but the position of a quality assurance organiser as someone who can make the fest go an extra mile. Quality is doing it right even when no one is watching. Paying attention to the tiniest of details to make the results worthwhile either in terms of services, satisfaction or even the feel good factor.

Where do you hope to see Aaruush in the future?

I see Aaruush breaking it's own records, competing with nobody else but itself and emerging out victorious with flying colours. Getting accredited by standardising organisations like ISO. And constantly reaching heights and making all of us proud.

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Shobhit Mishra

What’s your Vision for Aaruush’17?

The rate at which Aaruush has grown into one of the biggest and finest fests in India is in itself an unbelievable feat. In future, I want to see Aaruush become a National benchmark for college fests where its example is taken to compare the quality of any fest that happens around the country. The vision is to have the best and the biggest events, highlights and Pro shows in the future editions of Aaruush.

What has been your favourite part about working in Aaruush and in what way has it brought a change in you since the beginning?

I have been a part of Aaruush since my first year. I'd say it has been an integral part of my college life. The things that I have learnt and the experiences that I have gained by working in Aaruush has made me a better person than what I was before.
I have been a part of three different domains during my time in Aaruush. There are a lot of things that have impacted me positively but I would say that the best thing about working for Aaruush has to be the exposure that I have gotten, the friends that I have made and the bond that I have created with each and every individual with whom I've worked with. This has to be my favourite part of working in Aaruush

A quote that inspires you or something you stand for/believe in.

“Whatever you are, be a good one!”

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Shruti Pandey

What’s is your Vision for upcoming editions of Aaruush?

With the pace we're moving forward, we shall stand out as a super innovation aiming for excellence over perfection.

In what way do you think that Aaruush is different from other fests or events, and how do you plan on making Aaruush'17 stand out from the rest of the editions?

Aaruush is a true example of a linearly increasing function where the origin was a brainchild of creativity, and success has followed hardwork proportionally. We are a self -made legacy because we dare to dream big. I have three fundas (as our Domain Fundaz) to do my bit and make Aaruush'17 stand out from the rest:
1. Matching realisation and actualisation.
2. Uplifting the societal status quo.
3. Creating opportunities.

A quote you stand for or firmly believe in?

“Either you run the day or the day runs you”

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B. Sai Sashank

What’s your Vision for Aaruush’17?

Every Aaruush Member knows this quote. It has almost become our motto or chant. Aaruush is a feeling . It is indescribable. Working for Aaruush is indescribable. Its amazing how a bunch of individuals come together with a common goal in mind which is to make Aaruush an amazing experience for students. I wish to see it as an unforgettable act in future. I want Aaruush to be remembered by every student who’s been a part of it. These 4 days should be memorable. Memorable enough for them to talk about it when they grow old. That being said we are looking forward to add new Strategies and Techniques that can be implemented by keeping the foresaid goal in mind.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

My vision for Aaruush’17 would be to add Allure to Aaruush with some attractive events & fun filled activities. We are trying to grow and make each edition better and grander. So one of our primary mission is to make Aaruush’17 a grand success and leave no stone upturned in the process of the doing the same.

What are your fondest memories of Aaruush?

Aaruush has occupied an integral part of my heart. It is a written memory in my diary that ill always open, read, and rejoice. I’ll always remember Making my team excited, discussing the benefits of Aaruush, setting realistic tasks with a single goal of making the fest a grand success.

How has your experience working for Aaruush been?

In my 1st year started as a volunteer in Xzone, after that in 2nd year as a Event Coordinator in Xzone , In 3rd year as Committee Head in Xzone, at last In 4th year as the Organizer in Xzone only. Every year it’s a new experience for me, Every year I gain something.

Could you tell us which quote inspires you everyday?

“I don't talk much and Let my success make the noise”

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Sanika Thakar

What is your Vision for upcoming editions of Aaruush?

Aaruush being a national level fest welcomes participants from all over and this has given me lot of encouragement to not to stay back and formulate my ideas. Being an event coordinator gave me an opportunity and confidence to conduct event on this big platform. Being an event coordinator I have learned not only managing the event but interacting with students from different areas of study, the minute importance of working from trash to gem. Associated with aaruush has always resulted in me being on the right step in the stance in life.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

The previous editions have no doubt set benchmarks for me, this edition hence will be more conceptual newer techniques and a set point for upcoming editions.

Desrcibe your work in Previous editions of Aaruush?

I have been a part of aaruush from my first year as a volunteer in machination AARUUSH'14, wanted to be a part in the college fest because I wanted to experience the feeling “AARUUSH”. I am not a person to sit in room with books and bed I'd rather prefer to involve myself in activities and this seemed the best platform. In my 2nd year aaruush’15 I was the event coordinator in the domain robogyan and hence forth always been a part of robogyan as committee head in aarruush'16 and now the organiser for aaruush'17. All this year have only motivated me to continue in the family.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

“There is only one success: To be able to spend your life in your own way”

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Aman Kumar

Where do you see Aaruush to stand in the coming years?

In the near future, I would like to see Aaruush as a fest not only know in India but as a world renowned fest. I believe each and every member of the Aaruush family has the capability to achieve that goal.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

X1 edition has to be grand. Being my last Aaruush, I'll definitely make it a point to make it perfect in each and every level.This edition of Aaruush shall be remembered Forever

Could you tell us briefly what does Aaruush signify to you?

Aaruush, as we all say, Is a feeling. Aaruush gave me Juniors who now are as close as my siblings and Seniors who acted as the supporting pillar in my college life. Aaruush made me what I am today. It transformed my personality from an introvert to an extrovert.

Why did you begin working for Aaruush

Frankly speaking, As a student of 1st year in college, I wanted to be a part of something big. Little did I knew that very soon, It will be a part of me. Aaruush is what defines me.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

Ideas are born in silence and success makes all the noise.

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Aman Siraj Siddiqui

What is your Vision for the upcoming editions of Aaruush?

The vision I have for Aaruush is that it becomes popular enough such that every student in the country would be talking about it. It should be the fest every student looks forwards, the fest every student would recommend their classmates to attend. Every step we take and every decision we make is implemented keeping this goal in mind.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

My goal for the Aaruush 17 is to make the fest better and bigger than it was ever before , we will work on the various aspects where we were lagging and try to bring up new ideas and to remove stagnancy . We work hard so that students coming to attend our fest are provided with a quality experience. The idea is to ensure that interests of all kinds of students are catered to. This can increase help us reach out to students from all walks of life.

What does Aaruush mean to you and what made you want to work for Aaruush?

It is something for which I am emotionally attached , it's just not a fest for me it's about feeling and emotions. Working for Aaruush cannot be described or expressed in a few simple sentences. The feeling is beyond ordinary. When you see all the hard work that you have put into, turn into something successful, you feel proud. As Aaruush grows, it lets us grow , which is why it will always stay special.

Similarly how did you start working for Aaruush?

The ambition to become the organizers of the south India's largest fest pulled me to work, when I was in first year I saw Aaruush organizers sitting at the first row wearing suit at the opening ceremony, that day I decided that one day I will also sit at that place wearing suit, that was the point when I got triggered and then i began to work with full enthusiasm and excitement to achieve the goal.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

I want to pour all the desert's sand into an hour glass.

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Abhiprae Choudhury

Where do you see Aaruush to stand in the coming years?

Aaruush has completed a decade and it is a huge achievement, at this rate, Aaruush is definitely going to be one of the top Tech fests of India which everyone would want to participate in.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

This time as our convenor sir said, we are moving towards quality now so we'll try hard to make such events that they'll be an amazing experience for the participants.

Can you describe your experience working for the previous editions of Aaruush?

I started working for Aaruush in second year as an event coordinator in Fundaz, I wasn't a part of any other club or teams so I thought why not try being a part of something big. I could have applied for domains related to my department but I wanted to do something else so Fundaz. It felt so amazing when the event went really well and the best part was the preparation time. Aaruush has helped me improve my personality, it has made me realise what I am really capable of and now I'll do my best for the success of the fest!

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday

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Nishant Sharma

What is your Vision for the upcoming editions of Aaruush?

In future I wish Aaruush to be seen as a brand in itself and definitely as a top tech fest in the academic calendar throughout the country.

Whats your mission or the target to be achieved for A’17?

Aaruush has always thrived on glories of its past . It can rightly be called a legacy because every volunteer, committee member, committee head and organizer along the way have worked very hard make it the best. Each year we only try to improve and do better. Our ultimate goal Is to be the very best in this country and offer a quality experience to students the way no other fest can. As a part of architecture and Konstrucktion, Our mission this year to attract large mass of students to this competition. We are going to great lengths and doing our best to make our event more fun filled to attract crowd. Hopefully, Aaruush’17 will be in all its glory and architecture and Konstrucktion will help Aaruush get there.

When did you begin working for Aaruush and why?

In the second year, as, working for aaruush meant being a part of something bigger than everything else I've experienced before. Aaruush came as a platform to enhance my managerial skills, kill the stage fright and polish my leadership skills.

What does Aaruush mean to you?

As much a cliche as it might seem to be, it is not just a fest, it is indeed a feeling. Working for aaruush gives happiness and a feeling of contentment when all the hard work you put in results in a mighty fest that people look up to.

How much do you think has Aaruush helped you grow?

A lot. It has lifted my leadership skills to a level even I didn't know I could reach. Time management is something one can learn only when put under immense pressure. Aaruush has taught me the importance of professionalism while, at the same time it has made me open up more and interact with people not even remotely related to me or my work.

To sum it all up, a quote that you stand for or believe in?

Happiest man is not the one who has the most, it's the one who needs the least.