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Welcome to SRM-RUN!
Join us in an invigorating run for a great cause.

SRM eco run is an attempt to break the limca book of records for the biggest eco run; this falls under the category three and chapter nature of the limca book of records. The main aim of this run is to make people aware about the importance of environment conservation. SRM eco run comprises of more than 1500 people running a distance of 5 km with the message 'go clean and go green' to spread awareness on this cause. We also plan to sign a petition namely 'switch to 100 percent renewable energy ', all the participants of the run will sign this petition and move towards an eco friendly environment. We are also implementing BYOB- bring your own bottle, in order to minimize the use of any plastic water bottles during the run. The main aim of the run is to encourage people to go towards a clean and green environment and it's sustainability.

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