Aaruush Workshops

Each Workshop gives you an opportunity to grow your arsenal of knowledge by acquiring various skills and techniques.


The workshop started with the inaugural function in the EEE conference hall on 18th March, 19. The workshop involved three days of hands on experience in using EMTP – RV and ETAP. Hands on session started at 11:30pm. For the three days the sessions went down till 5 pm each day including lunch break at 1:00pm and tea sessions at 3:30pm. The participants were given a hands on experience on operations the ETAP software. The participants were provided with a certificate.


The first workshop of Aaruush’19 titled “ARD-YOU-KNOW” commenced with a propitious start on 16th March 2019 at TP Room No.401 & 402. The event was an Arduino based workshop and the speaker Mr. Saravanan struck a chord with the audience from the beginning. The event started with the speaker getting to know the departments of the audience and their level of knowledge on the subject and the students registered on Tinkercad, an online software where they practiced their tasks. He then explained the basics of Arduino and then slowly geared up the level by bringing hands on projects to the students. The speaker interacted well with the crowd, helped them with the tasks and posed various questions on the topic that made them analyze the subject. The Envision team displayed their projects and a group photo was taken. The event ended at 5:30 PM with the presentation of memento to the speaker and the distribution of certificates to the excited participants.