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Date: 16th March 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Proposed Venue – T.P – 404 and T.P Lobby

Workshop/Session on Arduino

Arduino Day, 16th March is celebrated as the birthday of Arduino. So we are planning to conduct a workshop and a project exhibition. The workshop will go with the following proceedings:

Project Exhibition

In this exhibition, we will be calling on for the projects that are made by the students and teams.
Call for projects
Team Envision Project Display

Certificates will be provided to the Participants of the Project Exhibition

Arduino Challenge

The idea is to conduct a Challenge where the technical ability of participants will be tested. The Challenge also aims to engage students in technical projects and activities based on their learnings from the workshop.

11th March : Announcement of challenge – poster release, social media publicity
18th March : Report Submission
1st April : Prototype Presentation

Problem Statement
Projects providing a solution to a social problem using any Arduino microcontroller are expected. The project can incorporate IoT and AI features.

Areas of Interest –

a. Water Conservation
b. Water Quality Monitoring System
c. Farm Irrigation Solutions
d. Waste/Compost Management
e. Energy Conservation Solutions
f. Smart Homes
g. Exhaust Management and Air Quality Control
h. Traffic Management

Past Workshops

1. HACKTRACK ( Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security)

It may have been considered as a hobby or just a thirst for knowledge in the past, but there’s no denying the fact that hacking has worked its way into the business world by bringing profits. With Hacktrack, you’ll be able to work on things from the roots, and work your way through the branches. After all, whenever something new is presented to a hacker, the first thing they will do is take it apart to see how it works! For anyone who is curious to read between the lines, (literally); we implore you to join us for this session by Sunny Vaghela! Aspiring Hackers, this is our call out to you! Because if you control the code, you can control the world.

7-8 September Price: Rs 1000

2. Automotive Overhauling:

Vehicles, though they may be of various shapes in sizes, all work with similar components, but what makes them so different from each other? We all use vehicles as a means of getting to places but what exactly gets that engine running when we turn the key? Find out the answers to all your questions as we begin with the exteriors and go all the way down to the mere screws. You’ll be able to learn about automobiles inside and out in this workshop by Goodwin motors Associated by BMW. Because you already drive the vehicle, but it’s high time to get to know it first.

5-6 September Price: Rs 1200

3. Intelligent devices & Smart Systems:

We are changing the world with technology. With the introduction of Intelligent Devices into the market, we are able to get things done with just the tap of fingers. But, behind all that, is a complex network of communications between various elements. With the rise in need of new technology, learning about the Internet of Things is surely bound to bring about some more innovative ideas. We have the resources; we just need the knowledge to integrate our ideas into the needs of the society. The Science of today is the Technology of tomorrow. Let’s get started, with IBM.

7 September Price: Rs 1000

4. STOCKMARKET And Financial Management:

The Stock market is a place for people who are willing to take risks, and are willing to view things as a challenge. However you need a keen sense of time and value in order to thrive in such a competitive market where the odds change just like the weather, its unpredictable. But with the power of knowledge, you can turn the odds in your favour and gain the upper hand. Join us for this workshop, by SEBI-NISM, where you can understand the fundamentals and workings of the stock market, and how you can one day find yourself a career in the field.

4 September Price: Rs 1000


PUBG, Fortnite, Pokemon GO, you name it; they are definitely not foreign to our generation. Sometimes we may be so immersed into games, where we find it hard to bring ourselves back into reality, and are lost in the virtual world that each game brings forth to us. With exciting visuals that mimic the real world, sound effects that bring so much more thrill to the gaming experience, and the fact that more technology is yet to come to enhance our wishes to depart from reality, there’s no denying the fact that the gaming industry is here to take this generation by storm. We present to you a collaboration by UNITY, NVIDIA, MSI. By joining this workshop, you’ll learn how these virtual universes are made, and how it manages to capture the hearts of many every single time. Gaming is a challenge. But forming the game is an even bigger challenge. Are you up for it?

4 September Price: Rs 1000

6. Armoured Combat Vehicle & AI:

As kids, we were always fascinated with war tales and the war machines and cavalries used. One such captivating weapon is the AFV, Armoured Fighting Vehicle. These have been armouring our soldiers, having offensive and defensive capabilities. When one such enthralling weapon is combined with Artificial Intelligence, we don’t expect less than wonders. Who else can you learn, how to build one such giant from, other than the masters themselves, the DRDO, Defense Research and Development Organisation, who is here with the Armoured Combat Vehicle &AI.

5-6 September Price: Not fixed

7. Azure- Cloud Computing And Machine Learning:

Machine learning technologies and cloud computing are changing the world we live in. Machine learning has been here for quite a while now and people are getting aware of the benefits of machine learning. Machine learning technology helps to train the machine so they can perform their task autonomously with minimum human interaction. When machine learning algorithms are combined with cloud computing, it can do wonders. Isn’t that fascinating? All the IT enthusiasts, can grab the opportunity to learn these technologies, which will govern the world in the future, by giants like Microsoft and Infispark.

5-6 September Price: Not fixed

8. Forensics Investigation:

Don’t you ever wonder, what happens to the scientific evidence, collected during the course of an investigation? Forensic scientists collect, preserve and analyze scientific evidence from a crime scene. Advanced technologies in forensic sciences has helped in tracking and fair punishment of the accused. IFO: Indian Forensics Organization, a non-government organization, is here to offer an insight into the world of Forensics. Get the opportunity to experience it.

5-6 September Price: Not fixed

9. Visualization and Marketing:

Interested in enticing your audience through your story telling capabilities? Here is your chance to give it a new look and feel. We bring you a workshop with Adobe spark, where you can learn to create an impact and express your stories through digital media. With adobe, enhance your skills on digital media, learn and explore your possibilities and become masters in an art, which is already yours. Also get a chance to win free subscription with Adobe Spark for a year.

5-6 September Price: Rs 1000

10. Data analytics for Smart grid Application:

What happens when we integrate electrical and information infrastructures? The world is craving for everything smart, then why not incorporate automation and information technologies with our existing electrical networks. Lets take one step towards sustainable energy and get smart in using our very valuable electrical energy in a smart way!! Learn how to do this, with our Data Analytics for Smart grid Application, by MINAATRAL.s

5-6 September Price: Rs 1000

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