The last three decades have seen a plethora of fests from engineers, by engineers and for engineers. These events that make unconventional thinking a skill and seeking solutions to problems, a habit, have just one singular motive driving them forward - the love for technology and innovative technological advancements! What was once just an idea once upon a time has now become a movement gaining constant momentum. SRM Institute of Science and Technology has always aimed to provide its students with massive exposure and support their growth by helping them actualize their potential. As a result of this, the institute has birthed a first of its kind platform for exchange of ideas between the brightest of young Indian minds, the Technical Summit (T-Summit). The Summit hopes to bring together brilliant minds with unique perspectives, from all over the country onto a single rostrum for a brain-storming and gainful session where they can discuss as well as exchange worldviews to bridge the gap between technology and society. T-summit requires its participants to look at the world with the end-goal of proposing practical solutions and not merely theories on paper. It provides the platform for debate, discussion and implementation of various ideas under the umbrella of technology and its ever-growing applications. The fruits that the Summit would bear will propel the nation forward, towards a better future.

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