Aaruush Highlights

These are the concerts and shows that shall etch memories that last a lifetime.


In this world of fast paced technology. Industrial knowledge and Technical know-how are the keys to scientific progress. At Aaruush this is showcased at events called Expos. Expos are presented by organizations, industries and technical teams on a particular domain of interest to ignite the imagination of students. Such opportunities is given to the audience, by hosting multiple expos, organized by renowned institutions covering a broad spectrum of ideas.

    Expos for Aaruush’19 included:

  • Nino Robot
  • 3D Bio Printer
  • Neurosky Brainwave by Pantech Solutions
  • Telescopes & Binoculars by Astrosoc Corp
  • Mechanical Model by Ugears India
  • Kalamsat by Space Kidz India
  • Desktop Robot
  • HTC Vive - VR & AR Expo by Madras Mindworks
  • Puzzlebox Orbit Helicopter
  • 3D Printer and 3D Scanner
  • Portable Planetarium
  • DRDO Defence Expo

Industrial Conclave

Industrial Conclave bridges the gap between industrialists, entrepreneurs and students. It is a forum which revolves around a central agenda. The aim of IC is to obtain a broad perspective on the challenges and risks faced by aspiring industrialists.

The agenda in the next edition was, “Effect of Automation in industry and its implications in modern education system.”

    The panellists included:

  • Abhay Vaish, Global Head of managed service IT and ADM, Ericsson
  • Sachin Sadare, Founder and Director, Digital Dojo
  • Kumaran Surendran, Associate Vice President, Cognizant Technology Solutions


Unconference is a platform that aims to connect the institution and the outside world, providing exposure on marketing and business techniques to students. It is a participation driven forum where eminent guests take part in interactive session with the audience. A constructive disclosure is held based on the topic of discussion.

UC in Aaruush’18 was on “Choice of Indian Youth – Career or Passion and Right to privacy in today’s world”.

    The panel consisted of:

  • Sumrit Shahi, Novelist/Screenwriter/Motivational speaker
  • Ankita Anand, Independent Writer-Journalist/Writer/Poet/Performer
  • Dhanya Menon, India's first Cyber Crime Investigator
  • Apar Gupta, Co-founder and trustee at Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF)
  • Rakshit Tandon, Director-Council of Information Security
  • Srivatsan Sankaran, Renowned Travel photo blogger/Founder of Madras Photo Bloggers/Co-founder of Beaumoments

Musical Nites

    The 12th edition of Aaruush had a spectacular line-up for Musical Nites over the days of Aaruush’18. It included performances from:

  • The Local Train
  • Samarth Swarup
  • Non-Violinist Project
  • Attva

Comedy Night

Day 1 of Aaruush ended with Varun Thakur making people burst into laughter with his comedy set.