Aaruush Events

Every event gives you a chance to display your skills and acquire new ones.


Originate. Concatenate. Evolate

Bluebook is a consortium of events which are related to bioengineering, life sciences and chemistry. Each event makes sure that the participants not only enjoys but also get to learns new concepts that they were previously unaware of, by quizzes and FAQ rounds.
Organiser: Pushpa


Ideate. Artifice. Concoction

Fundaz deals with the basic concepts of science spiked with entertainment.

If puzzles, quizzes, logical reasoning and crosswords are your interests, this domain is where you should be
Organiser: Thomas George Palatty



X-Zone mainly deals with events based on off-beat interests like brain storming, treasure –hunts, gaming and so on. These events are fun-based and offer respite from the technical mumbo-jumbo.
Organiser: Jangala Sai Krishna

Digital Design

Conceptualize. Materialize. Digitalize.

Digital Design is the domain of problem-solving through the use of images, words or graphic forms. It is a subset of visual communication and graphic design.

It includes the work of various fields such as digital imaging, videography, modern art, music, costume design, visual effects, animation, software editing of ads and addition of computing techniques perk up the charm. It is a uniquely crafted domain for all the sound and visual artists at heart.
Organiser: Neeraj S. Raj



Magefficie encompasses various events which test the business and management skills of a student. Crisis management, marketing, finance, share markets, entrepreneurs, startups, corporate strategies and business planning form the basics of this domain.
Organiser: Pranav Bharti


Concept. Contrive. Construct

Konstruktion puts together events which are focused on civil engineering and infrastructure, which highlight the part of the spectrum consisting of designing, fabricating and practical testing of models using the CAD software’s is the mandate.
Organiser: Thomas George Palatty



Architecture encompasses elements related to planning, design, usage of light, space, layouts, computer modeling software and programming that help digitalize architecture’s core processes, thereby providing a comprehensive experience of modern architecture.

What you need is planning, innovation, efficiency and enhancing the designs and magic ensues.
Organizer: Ranita Sharma


Aviate. Navigate. Communicate.

This domain showcases everything that the word “flying” or “aviation” associates itself to. It is concerned with development, design and research. It also covers the aerodynamic characteristics. It is a canvas for those who always want to soar into grander horizons.
Organiser: Neeraj S. Raj



This domain provides a nice opportunity to compete in events that center around the World Wide Web.

This domain is all about participating online events includes gaming, web designing, poster & logo making, photography, app developing and this is the platform where one could sit comfortably back at home and enjoy the essence of AARUUSH!
Organiser: Shoumak Mukherjee

Shoot your Story

In the recent times, to engage students and prepare them for the real world, we are organising and encourage students to participate and showcase their latent talent. This event will help you in enhancing your knowledge in short film making and video making



This domain makes provisions for the participants of being bombarded by a stream of resistors, diodes, capacitors, and inductors. The knowledge of topics like artificial intelligence, microprocessors, integrated circuitry and embedded systems etc. is the order of the course.
Organiser: Shoumak Mukherjee



Yuddhame concentrates on events which deal with testing software and hardware skills, web designing, operating systems, mobile apps, android, distributed computing, and networking and communication techniques.
Organiser: Jangala Sai Krishna



This domain is a little different, a little unique, maybe pompous but greatly pertinacious. It is all about presenting yourself in whatever way you want to. Not limited to J.A.M.s, debates or verbal expressions, but any other way that you can fathom. Giving you the opportunity to express yourself and what you believe in.
Organiser: Pushpa


Originate. Automate. Evolve

Robogyan gives you the opportunity to stand head to head with the advancing technology. All of us are fascinated by robots because they are the machines that can mimic life, so be innovative and formulate your ideas to co-ordinate the events. Manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous robotic events are all accepted.
Organiser: Issac John George



Machination is a domain which covers the various technical aspects related to the school of mechanical and automobile engineering. This domain involves various subjects such as designing of machines, drawing blueprints, adding and improving technical aspects of various automobiles and bringing in solutions for problems by applying various techniques revolving around contraption functions.
Organiser: Issac John George