Aaruush Championships

Embark into the competitive atmosphere as each of you face off for both the treasure and honour.


Everyone has watched transformers in their childhood and enjoyed watching autobots using their advanced weapons to protect earth from decepticons or Hugh Jackman punching through robots in real steel.

Ever wonder how a battle between two heavily armed and armored machines fight infield would look like?

Robowars is a combat sport involves teams of amateur and professional roboteer operating their own constructed remote-controlled robot to fight against each other to become champion. Aaruush’19 brings to you 13th edition of Robowars conducted in the national level techno-management fest of SRMIST.

Death Drift

A day at races! Rev up your engines! Register to cross the gates of this incredible event and get ready for the death experience!

Crossing the chequered flag was the unwavering objective for all the racing aficionados participating in ‘death drift' a car racing event on the day of Aaruush’19, in the national level techno-management fest of SRMIST.

Running on nitrogen-based fuel, the little cars have to run on off-road track having jumps, bridge etc. The event is fully nitro-based 1/8 or 1/10 buggy. The car should be solely operated by remote control having 2.4Ghz frequency.

Quadcopter Championship

There are few pieces of technology that excite lovers and the general public like drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles ignite the imaginations of people the world over and the truth is that we are only scratching the surface of their potential.

Aaruush’19 brings to u quadcopter championship where the quadcopters are tested to its ultimate potential. And the winner will become the champion.