Vision – To build a society where light is available to everyone regardless of their social status or economic background.
Mission – To make sure that conventional source of light is readily available across villages and strategic implementation
Liter of light is a non-profit, global open source movement, that focuses on providing cost-free, ecological and sustainable lighting to slums and poor households with thin roofs.
This model, also called the Solar Bole Bulb, aims at the use of cheap, recycled, household, and cost effective items which provide the urban poor a chance at an environment friendly version of one of the most basic necessities of life - lighting. The first successful trial of Liter of Light in India was carried out in a rural village in Telangana in 2011. With the help of NGOs, awareness campaigns and workshops, popularity was raised in other states of India such as Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata. Soon aer, a demonstraon of this model was held at the TEDxChristUniversity in November 2012. Pankaj and Trip, started their own Liter of Light Bangalore Chapter in 2013 and are working towards training people into making these models themselves to provide them with a chance to earn a small livelihood as well.

A fifth of the world’s population lives without electricity.
A Solar Bottle Bulb provides free energy without carbon emissions and is environmentally friendly.
The Daylight Bottle Bulb emits as much light as a 40 to 60 watt light bulb.