Vision – To nurture a society in which people understand the importance of dogs as a friend and not to harm them in any way.
Mission – To create awareness in society on how to protect dogs from any harm and promote their healthy living.

WOOF(Welfare Of Oppressed Friends) aims to help the condition of the most innocent animals dogs and making their lives a little better with efforts of Aaruush. It has been scientifically proven that dogs are as delicate as a human child. We hope with the start of this campaign we can make this society a beer place for human’s best friend. Due to high cost, rabies vaccines are not readily available across local health centers in India which in turn forces people to delay their treatment. This initiative aims to make everyone aware about the need for proper treatment and medication that needs to be provided to stray dogs and help them live peacefully and happily. WOOF also aims to provide awareness about the vaccination and promise ourselves that when we look at a dog, we don’t see it just like an animal but like a friend who just needs love and affection. They’re like angels in this world and some choose fur over wings.

Article 51-A(g) of Indian Constitution states that, “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.”

Stray dogs that have been operated for birth control cannot be captured or relocated by anybody including any authority, ABC Rules 2001.

To kill or maim any animal, including stray animals, is a punishable offence. IPC Sections 428 and 429.

Abandoning any animal for any reason can land you in prison for up to three months. Section 11(1)(i) and Section 11(1)(j), PCA Act, 1960.

. Around 10,000 dogs are killed every year during China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival