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  1. Total Rickall

    Time to get engulfed in the world of Rick and Morty. Join us and travel through time and space to solve the mindboggling questions of the universe. At the end its all about getting your hands on the limited run of the schezwan sauce. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.

    Round 1: Rickshank Redemption
    Rick has been captured by the galactic federation. Morty has to free Rick before the gromflomites extract the information from Ricks mind. Help Rick escape from a dream sequence.

    Round 2: Anatomy Park
    Who doesn’t like amusement parks? Well this aint your ordinary amusement park. Welcome to Anatomy Park. An amusement park inside a human body. Uncover the mysteries of the anatomy park and save Dr. Xenon Bloom. Explore Anatomy Park but beware of the "exhibits" that have escaped. Let’s see how Rick guides Morty through the amusement park filled with the terrors of the human body.

    Round 3: Dark Matter Fuel
    Only Rick knows the fastest way to travel the universe, and he intends to keep it that way. Help Rick find the components to create the dark matter fuel to escape the gromflomites. But be careful. One wrong component and things might end up with a bang. Enjoy an amazing tresure hunt.

    Round 4: Pickle Rick
    Time for the ultimate showdown. Morty's get your Pickle Ricks ready. Gear up. Choose your weapons wisely. Let’s see which Rick and Morty defeats all and rises as the leader of the federation of Rick and Mortys. Let’s see who has the best auctioning skills. Let’s see who can manage their money and opt for the best equipment for the ultimate showdown.

    1. Mobile phones are prohibited.
    2. Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    3. The decision of the committee head/ organizer is final.

    Event Coordinators
    1. Devanshi - 8127683870
    2. Disha - 9500156897
    3. Vidit – 7397404410

    The ‘R’evolution

    ‘Complexity evolves with the basics’. Our complexity is no exception to this; we are all made of 4 simple molecules ATGC. But the vividness that we see is all the infinite possibilities of these ATGC combinations. This is the essence of nature’s beauty.

    Round 1: Survival of the fittest
    Darwin was an exemplary biologist; with the tasks of the first round let’s put his theory of survival of fittest to test. Yes, we do know that it’s not the one who is strongest or most intelligent, but the one who can adapt the best will survive.

    Round 2: Welcome Scientist!!
    Gear up your workstations, put on your lab coat and get ready to extricate the hereditary material because DNA is the story is and genes are the language the story is written in.

    Round 3: Line of descent
    Trace your ancestry, uproot the phylogenetic tree and establish the lineage. Find the leaf which is connected to the tree and to which part along the line.

    Round 4: Gene stock exchange
    Think, analyze and invest to make the best of the circumstance. Well of course it's the stock market and obviously it's a war so make sure you get a big bang out of your investment.

    •Mobile phones are prohibited.
    •Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    •The decision of the committee head/ organizer is final.

    • Prithiviraj.A.S - 9080613712
    • Geoffrey - 8610950701
    • Hariharan - 7358963693
    • Arpan Pardeshi - 9123502404


    Hey Doctor, we aren't here to patronize you because someone has died. Hope you can solve it because when you do the impossible it's gonna be bedazzling but if you don't there's gonna be flurry and that is because you are held for it. So, hop on and put on your coat doctor!

    Round 1: Bonjour docteur!
    Open the hatchway and you shall trace to the course bound upon for the survival through the infinity. Make sure to look out for all the treasures and we can see u again at the end line. Au revoir!

    Round 2: Open sesame!
    Widen your gaze, doctor and put the screws tight to shorten them down and decipher the guff that had been padlocked. Get a perfect look at the livre so as to not to be guessing the wrong wildcat admist the mishmash.

    Round 3: Visione!
    It's a villainy scene of your racket, doctor. Treasure the evidences with your vision in the vastness of felony cursed upon the ship by the hooligan with the smoking gun. Hope you do the right thing with the right thing.

    Round 4: Judicii!
    Well, doctor! you are alone and you have to be your own forensic ace for your treasures. Authenticate yourself docteur and you're outta here landing safely without mates accompanying you from the Scotland yard.

    • Mobile phones are prohibited.
    • Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    • The decision of the committee head/ organizer is final.

    • Syed Farhan. Z - 9080974132
    • Mohamed Haris.S - 8489786330
    • Sandeep Kishore. - +91 99401 71238
    • Harish Parameshwar. B - 7338810669


    The participants are the super heroes and who lasts till the end in the whole journey to find the Scepter will have to unite together to destroy the compound, which is a growing evil to spread and demolish the planet.

    Round 1 : Hulk Smash, Balloon Splash
    Are u ready to take on a battle of the avengers? Balance a little chemistry and march towards the battle field. Splash the water balloons and smash your way to the top.

    Round 2: Avengers Assemble
    As you go ahead, the hunt for the infinity stones begin. Prove yourself and make your way through the cosmic maze. Solve the riddles at every point and be rewarded with your grand prize. Time is ticking...!!

    Round 3: Ragnarok Reaction
    With the rest of the infinity stones still on the loose, it's time to rush to the lab. Play through a series of mini games to try and get your hands on the prize. Do you think you have a bond strong enough to compete with the science bros banner and stark? Only time will tell!

    Round 4: Infinity Gauntlet Ghetto
    The chemical compound which causes destruction of the world is on the brink of release. Can you stop this deadly new overload? Can you make something to counter Thanos? Go on and prove that you have what it takes to defeat Thanos and his evil plan.

    • Mobile phones are prohibited.
    • Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    • The decision of the committee head/ organizer is final.

    •P R Ananya- 9790319121
    •S Sonali Rao- 7358503226
    •Salique- 9789632745
    •Giri- 9159036214




  1. The Lost Dimension

    ‘Once confined to fantasy and science fiction, time travel is now simply an engineering problem’ Description:

    Re-live your favorite time travel movies, bend time and space like Dr. Strange.Travel through different dimensions and make your way out to the present.
    An event which combines science and maths with fun and games.
    Round 1
    Escape an era of past using inventions and discoveries of that time period.

    Round 2
    Travel the future dimension where every rule and law are inverted and make your way out of the dimension by doing the exact opposite.

    Round 3
    Answer questions based on futuristic inventions, where every wrong answer leads to removal of a piece from a huge sized jenga.

    Round 4
    Find clues to find a time machine with wrong time and date display.
    Deduce a way to travel to the present through the time machine.

    • Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    • The decision of the committee head/organizer is final.

    Event Coordinator Detail:

    Abhinandan. - 9518978017
    Shaurya. –701854759


    When we feel we have seen things before, it always leaves us pondering. It’s intriguing yet inevitable. It is strange for all and that is for sure. But what if your thoughts lead to discovery of something strange? Rack your brains and solve the mystery behind this phenomenon.
    When you believe it’s the end, it’s always a start of something new. Be a part of this secret mission to destroy the conspiracy of the traitors.
    Let’s involve your sixth sense along with your detective skills to untangle the mystery.

    Round 1: Secrets of the past from Russia……. with love!
    It is good to enjoy when you are on vacations to a place like Russia. But nevertheless, mind alertness is the most important. Let’s involve your sixth sense along with your detective skills to untangle your age, name, profession and the reason for being kidnapped.

    Round 2: Live To Tell.
    When you believe it’s the end, it’s always a start of something new. Be a part of this secret mission to destroy the conspiracy of the traitors. Using your basic analytical and numerical skills deduce the culprit.

    Round 3: The silent legacy-A story untold.
    What you inherit is what you exhibit. What’s yours is what you have and the only thing which you ought to protect and fight for. Prove your worth and claim what is yours. Use a map to reach your destination.

    Round 4: Murder in the Woods.
    It’s a question of life and death. A brave man never backs down. Fear doesn’t shut you down, but it wakes you up. Unravel the secrets to save the villagers and accomplish your ultimate goal.

    • Mobile phones are prohibited.
    • Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    • The decision of the committee head/ organizer is final.

    Event Coordinator Details:

    • Shifa-9769462868
    • Ayush-7397225262
    • Aditya-9427351834


    You wanna be a Player? You’ve come to the right place.
    A true player has to go through massive challenges, in order to emerge victorious. All the games seemingly challenge your physical and mental strength. We are here to explain what on earth player unknown battleground is. Come experience the world of Battle for Glory!

    “Remember…the FORCE will be with you always”

    Round 1: The Elimination
    Being careful of the descent and place of the foot on the correct tile(box) on the basis of the hints on the cards given, failing to do so will result in a beep to mark elimination elimination.
    Then following the statistics given on the card and using the box of weapons, shielding themselves from the projectiles thrown at them

    Round 2: Developed Troops
    Use creativity and build a catapult with the materials provided and use it to throw projectiles at a desired location.

    Round 3: Naval Forces
    Naval Forces Balancing on a beam and collecting the weapons on either side then navigate through a maze blindfolded with the help of verbal directions.

    Round 4: Guerrilla Warfare
    Analyse the target and then relay the coordinates into the other room with the same setup via cellphone or Morsecode.

    ●Mobilephones are prohibited.
    ●Participants should stick to the instructions given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    ●The decision of the committee head/organizer isfinal.

    Event Coordinator Detail:

    Breaking Stranger Theory

    Science, maths, supernatural and thriller.
    BREAKING STRANGER THEORY is based upon science, maths, supernatural and thriller. It involves the limit series of Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad.
    So tighten up your mind and go ahead in your path towards the exciting journey experiencing all the three series.
    Our whole universe, maths, science, history, dinosaurs, ocean, mystery with all in the combat state of BIG BANG. The fusion of science-fiction, horror, supernatural, history and extraordinary mysteries, the parallel universe with DEMOGORGAN where a very unusual little girl represents STRANGER THINGS. And also the combination of chemistry involving the fusion of fun, business, thriller which all together comes in the form of BREAKING BAD.
    So come and enjoy this exciting journey.

    Round 1: Breaking Theory
    Tighten up your mind and go ahead in your path towards the exciting journey experiencing all the three series.

    Round 2: Pictionary
    Our whole universe, maths, science, history, dinosaurs, ocean, mystery with all in the combat state of BIG BANG.

    Round 3: Stranger's Way
    The fusion of science-fiction, horror, supernatural, history, and extraordinary mysteries, the parallel universe with DEMOGORGON where a very unusual little girl represents STRANGER THINGS.

    Round 4: Brainstorming Chemicals
    Here is a combination of chemistry involving the fusion of fun, business, thriller which all together comes in the form of BREAKING BAD.


    • Participants should stick to the instruction given by the coordinators/volunteers.
    • The decision of the committee head/organizer is final.

    Event Coordinator Detail:

    • Purvi Prasad - 8328896588
    • Umang Sharma – 7358401739
    • Bhubaneswari - 9952908601




  1. FUNDROID 2.0

    Playing Android games can be more fun and challenging when played in real life. This event is inspired from android games that can be played in real life. It creates a platform for the participants to put their mobile gaming skills, physical strength and decision making skills. The first round is based on the android game Maze where the participant is blindfolded and has to pass through a maze. The participant who correctly follows all the rules and gets out of the maze in the least amount of time is the winner. Another round is the angry birds round. The participant has to hit the targets using angry bird prototypes just like the game. The third round is the Teeter round in which the participants have to balance a ball through its way out in the given path. The fourth round is Unblock me where the participant will be given difference sizes and shapes of wooden pieces. He has to arrange them in an order according to the given instructions such that the arena is filled up correctly. This event helps the participants to test their gaming skills and physical strength with lots of fun.

    Yaswanth - 9566985947
    Revanth - 9063164512
    Sai Kiran - 7659094295
    Anudeep - 8639390118
    Prasoona - 9182263411


    The event is based on horror genre. It brings out the sense of fear, excitement in a person and tests their imagination. It consists of four rounds. The first round is the Trick or Treat in which the participants have to guess the name of the horror movie using various puzzles. The second round is One Man Hide and Seek. The participants are blindfolded and are required to guess the object that they pick from a box. Now they have to find creative ways to use that object to kill a demon prototype. The third round is Peekaboo! This round comprises of famous Horror movie characters and special cards, which the participants can use against each other to win the round. The final round is the House of Supernatural. This round will consist of teams that have to come out of a spooky room using various clues. The team which comes in the minimum time is declared as the winner. This event takes the readers in a spooky rollercoaster ride with loads of fun!



    This event is a simulation of poker and casino. The participants can experience this banking game and test their focus, patience, strategy and analytical skills. Firstly all the participants will be given a packet of chips worth 10000 bucks. It is over the participant as to which table he wishes to join. Round of poker will be played on two levels i.e. professional & amateur and people can join any level and leave the table any time they wish to. Participants would now make their chips count and their score would be updated. At the end of 3 days top 9 participants will be eligible to play the final round. The one with the maximum amount of chips left after the end of the stipulated time in the final round will be declared as the winner followed by the runner up.



    This event gives every participant a chance to be a super hero to terminate the villains. It brings out the skills in spontaneity, envision and esteem. This event has three rounds. The first round is the Maze Runner round. The participants have to walk through a maze which has traps set up in between and superpowers which the participants can use in the upcoming rounds. The second round is the Criminal Case round. The participants are divided into teams to solve cases. The team which has filed maximum number of cases and proofs will go to the final round. The last round is The Final Showdown. This a group event in which every group is given a chit with a clue. They have to decode the clue and give it to the volunteers. They can also use their super powers against other teams to hinder their tasks. The team to crack all the clues will emerge as the winner.




Digital Design


    Terror La-Den event explains about the domain itself. i.e. This event specializes about the skills of photography, video editing and music editing in a crazy way. Here the participants have to create audio clips, app designs, video clips and photos. Description:

    The event has four rounds. Here the participants get to know about how to create their very own website designs, knowledge about new technical software and innovation of their own new ideas. The event also helps the participants to learn about the software they use.

    Round 1: Death Track
    Here the participants have to record or download different kinds of noises that we hear in our day to day life and have to make a beautiful music out of those in the specified time. The participants can use either mobile app or the given software.

    Round 2:Terrified ID
    Here the participants have to take photos of themselves and create terrorist profile out of them using the software, Photoshop. The participants have to take the photos inside the campus. The photos may be fake, but need to look real.

    Round 3:Smuggler Shop
    Here the participants have to design the UI of a new website. They have to create a shop layout in which they have to design at least 4 sections with wire-frames, etc., The participants are given with the software to create designs (Photoshop).

    Round 4: Error Terror
    Here the participants have to create a video file using different video clips for 5 min long, in which they have to create a certain message given by the instructor. The video clips need to be from the speech of the mentioned person. The software used here are adobe premiere pro, final cut, adobe after effects etc.,

    1. Participants will have no access to cell phones.
    2. Taking help of any kind will result in immediate disqualification.
    3. Aaruush 18 common registration is compulsory.
    4. Decision of event co-ordinators and judges is final.

    1. Avinash:-+91 7992426853
    2. Harshita:-+91 9177289549
    3. T.Sai Prasanth:-+91 8374046293
    4. Vishnu Charan:-+91 8978893291


    The event tests the depth of your knowledge and interest in movies and takes you into a world of movie making and filmography. It brings out your skills and talent in the field of film and poster making along with fun, of course. It starts with movie guessing and sketching and goes to video making and editing, followed by designing a poster and finally, ends with making a short film.The event tests the depth of your knowledge and interest in movies and takes you into a world of movie making and filmography. It brings out your skills and talent in the field of film and poster making along with fun, of course. It starts with movie guessing and sketching and goes to video making and editing, followed by designing a poster and finally, ends with making a short film.
    The event has four rounds. The rounds include selecting the odd movie, making a sound and animated dubbing scene ,making a motion movie poster, and at the last making a 2D short film .

    Round 1: KICK THE ODDS
    Here, First, the contestant will be shown a set of movies in the form of pictures or small video clips, out of which the odd one needs to be chosen based on the genre. Second, an imaginary sketch of the odd movie (the answer) must be made.

    Round 2:SOUND FORGE
    A movie scene must be dubbed by the participants (not lip syncing, actually dubbing). This should be shot into a video and it must be edited in such a way that it is unique and entertaining.

    Round 3:IMPOSTER
    Based on the given genre, a motion poster must be made by the contestants. It shouldn’t be the same as any movie poster made before. Imagination and designing skills will be put into this.

    Round 4: INSIGHT OUT
    The participants must create a short film or 2D animation, purely based on their knowledge and ideas in the area of film making. Various techniques can be applied to make it the best.

    1. Aaruush 18 common registration is compulsory.
    2.The participants will be qualified only if they complete the round in the given time.
    3.The extra sounds ,posters ,animations or music will be considered only if it is taken from the site and apps mentioned.
    4.Taking any kind of help from other team members will result in immediate disqualification.

    1) Shivangi Upadhyay :- 805607520
    2) P. Srinivasulu Reddy :-9849872254
    3) Pratyaksh Saxena:-8009551506
    4) G. Dinesh Gupta :-7993695527


    The event tests the depth of your knowledge and interest in music and melody and takes you into a world of music making. It brings out your skills and talent in the field of music and music making along with fun, of course. It starts with music guessing and goes to music making and editing in the end.
    The event has four rounds.The rounds include matching the music with instruments,making a sound illusion,editing and mixing the sounds,and at the last composing a song and making an edm out of it along with a graphical video.

    Round 1: PLAY THAT TUNE
    In this the contestant will be given various options of sound which will be played and various options of instruments are also given.He has to listen to the sound which will be played and match them according to the instrument in a particular time period given.Participant who gives the maximum answers qualifies to the second round.

    In this round the contestant has to make a sound illusion.He has to collect sounds from different sources and has to make the illusion along with the video recording showing the procedure he has applied.Judging will be based on how good the illusion and video are.

    Round 3:MAKE YOUR SONG
    Here the contestant is given any 5 songs of our wish and the contestant has to mix the songs and make a new song that should be funny.The funniest will be chosen and qualifies for next round.

    Round 4:EDM FEVER
    Here the contestant is given only the lyrics of a song.He has to use the same lyrics and compose his own song.He has to make an edm out of it and also make a video out of it.He has to create a graphical video for the edm.The best is chosen and declared as winner.

    1. Aaruush 18 common registration is compulsory.
    2.The participants will be qualified only if they complete the round in the given time.
    3.The extra sounds ,posters ,animations or music will be considered only if it is taken from the site and apps mentioned.
    4.Taking any kind of help from other team members will result in immediate disqualification.

    1. P.Manohar :- 9100308608
    2. A.Sri.Vasishta:-9490835350
    3. Shwet:-9990622092
    4. Girish B R:-7386068483


    The Brandit King event consists of four rounds. A very interesting and mind boggling event, the name explains half of the story. We challenge contestants to their creativity here. The rounds consists of music composition ,website designing and parody video creation. This event is only for enthusiastic people with lots of creativity to show off.
    The event has four rounds. The rounds include making a logo of a new product, making a official themed music, an UI for the product website, and at last making a parody of an existing product.

    Round 1:Go Logo
    The participant has to design a product that has not yet been invented for a field of use provided by us. We will provide a field of use (like transportation etc.) and the contestant has to design a product which can be used in that field.

    Round 2:Brandy Warble
    The brand has to be given a perfect themed music (tune). The tune can be copied from an existing jingle but the final theme music must be original version of the contestant.

    Round 3:Dot-Come
    The website UI using photoshop or paint has to be created which will showcase the products and different specifications of the product.

    Round 4:Tease-Me
    A video consisting of a parody of a similar existing brand has to be made and has to be created and presented.

    1. Participants will have no access to cell phones.
    2. Taking help of any kind will result in immediate disqualification.
    3. Aaruush 18 common registration is compulsory.
    4. The participants will be qualified only if they complete the round in the given time.

    1) Soumali Pal:-9002612770
    2) V.pranay madhav:-8125755545
    3) Akshara Katakam:-7382100088
    4) Apoorva gupta:-9176260113

Digital Design



  1. Clash Of Structures

    It is not the beauty of a structure you should look at, it's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. The foundation isn't built in a day , it takes hardwork and dedication. So pack your gears and get ready as we present to you this event which let's you turn your imagination into reality by letting you design and build your own earthquake resistant structure.
    Afterall, whatever good things we build end up building us.
    Round 1: The Race
    In the first round the participants will have to complete few tasks given to them in the stipulated time.
    Round 2
    In this round the participants are required to find shear force and bending moment along with the shear force diagram (SFD) and bending moment diagram (BMD)
    Round 3
    In this round, the participants are required to design earthquake resistant model of proper scale and dimensions on a chart paper. The dimensions for the structure and it's components will be provided during the time of event along with a chart paper, drafter, scale, pencil, eraser and clips.
    Round 4: Clash of structures
    The participants will be provided with balsa wood along with anabond or feviquick. They need to make an earthquake resistant structure of their own design. The balsa wood are mainly used for the structural columns and beams. The cross-sectional area of the sub-structure should be within the limit 140x140 mm with a height of 160mm. And the superstructure should have a height of 750mm without including the substructure.
    The participants can design the superstructure in their own creative way. A minimum of 50% of the external face of the building be clear. This prevents the construction of very strong box-like structure that could not be destroyed on a shaking table.
    After the structure has been made, weights will be added on each level of the structure. Then the structure will be placed into the concrete mould of dimensions 150x150x150. Then the structure along with the mould will be placed on the vibration table. The structure which can sustain more time will be the winner.

    1. The decision given by the judges will be final.
    2. No external help of any sorts is allowed during any of the rounds.
    3. Usage of electronic gadgets during the events is prohibited.
    4. Extra time will not be provided.

    1. Abhishek Sinha
    2. Harsh Thakur
    3. S.Sayog Nair
    4. Aman Pandey
    5. Pratiksha Prachi

    The Enigma Of Lock

    Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves. Man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.
    No one can imagine construction without any binding material (cement, rods, etc.). In this event, formation of tunnel with the help of specific material is made but without help of cement and rods.
    Round 1
    In this round the participants are required to perform 3 tasks within a time span of 3 minutes.
    Round 2
    1. In this round the participants are provided with the pictures of the famous tunnels across the world Along with their names
    2. The participants require to memorize the names of the tunnels for a particular time. Later the names will be erased and the participants will be required to write the names of the tunnels with the pictures provided.
    Round 3
    1. In this round, participant’s perception and modelling abilities are checked.
    2. A prototype of the tunnel is provided to the participants and they are required to make a 2D model in AutoCAD software.
    3. It is actually 2D visualization of the given 3D model by using AutoCAD software.
    Round 4
    1. Using Styrofoam the participants have to make a tunnel.
    2. Before the making of the tunnel, a semi- cylindrical shaped structure has to be made using plastic material provided and clips which will become the base of the tunnel.
    3. Now, the Styrofoam has to be cut into desired Trapezoidal shapes and placed one beside the other on the plastic base made.
    4. This process is continued from both sides till we get a tunnel shaped structure.
    5. And later the semicircular structure is removed. Care has to be taken, when the base is removed the above tunnel structure doesn't fall.
    1) The structure will be judged based on its stability.
    2) Weights will be added in the structure, the one which can sustain more weight will be the winner.
    3) Judgement will be based on time taken.
    1. Participants shall not use mobile phones or any other electronic gadget during the rounds.
    2. No external help from any person is allowed during the rounds.
    3. Participants are not allowed to bring their own materials during the rounds.
    1. Himanshu Ranjan-9123477271
    2. Suraj Swaroop – 8601894656


    You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful structure in the world. But it requires people to convert that dream into reality. The road of construction is always incomplete without the tools required for construction.
    This event will let you build your own tools. So don’t restrict yourself to the already existing ones, think out of the box. Let your creativity and innovation be put to work and create something that would make the world amaze.
    Round 1: A GAME OF LEGO
    Participants will be provided with a metal measure tape using which they have to roll a ball into glasses containing Legos. Every ball placed into a glass will unlock a lego piece using which they have to make a building.
    Round 2: CROSS WORDS
    Participants will be provided with a metal measure tape using which they have to roll a ball into glasses containing Legos. Every ball placed into a glass will unlock a lego piece using which they have to make a building.
    In this round the participants have to design a bridge in AutoCAD. In AutoCAD a 3D model of a bridge has to be made in the time provided .
    The participants will have to make a bridge working on the principles of hydraulics. The participants will be provided with certain items like syringes and ice cream sticks in limited quantities which should be used efficiently to finish constructing the bridge. The bridge should be stable and able to handle loads efficiently.
    Round 1 will be judged based on the height of the building.
    2. Points will be given based on the number of correct answers in Round 2.
    3. Designing of the bridge will be the primary focus in round 3.
    4. The model whichever is most stable and which is most efficient will win thee round 4.

    1. The decision given by the judges will be final.
    2. No external help of any sorts is allowed during any of the rounds.
    3. No extra time will be provided.

    Dhriti Aggarwal - 8059651500
    Beena Rai – 8218675011
    Navneet Harshit - 9123101871
    Panjiyar Sonushekhar Shyambabu – 9828946354
    Chirag Agarwal - 7055438037

    Game Of Domes

    Designers learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple. It took centuries for the world to believe in spheres. Well, people believed in a flat Earth, didn't they? Constructing one has had its own complexity but can it be made simple? Maybe a dome could do you good. We bring to you an event that will test your imagination, creativity and practical knowledge. Design a plan on AutoCAD and then turn it into reality.
    ROUND 1: Pin it to win it
    The participants are made to play a game where they will throw a ring onto rolling pins from a certain distance. Each rolling pin will contain a certain task under it which the participant must complete within minimum time.
    ROUND 2: Build your Pisa
    This round will test the technical and creative skills of the participants. They will have to stack glasses and a sheet of hard paper alternately to a level of 4 stacks. After which, by pulling the sheet of paper the top cup should land exactly above the bottom cup. Doing so, the participant can proceed to the next level of stack only after answering a question.
    ROUND 3: Can you CAD it?
    Love designing, but not on paper? Then why restrict yourself to just paper and pen when you have a wide range of software which make designing possible on your desktop. The participants will be required to design a specific problem in the AutoCAD software which will be given on the spot within a given timeframe.
    ROUND 4: Domes Day
    Do you ever wonder how the marvellous structures around the world are constructed? The science behind their awe- inspiring shapes and designs? Ever wondered how those beautiful domes of Taj Mahal were created? Do you dream of creating something like that? This round will give you the chance to create a dome of a given diameter with the help of matchsticks and adhesives.

    1. The time taken by the participant will be checked.
    2. Round two will mainly be judged on the usage of materials and creativity along with the time consumed.
    3. Round three will be judged on the basis of the correctness of the answer.
    4. Round four will specifically be judged on the dimensions and stability of the structure.
    1. The decision given by the judges will be final.
    2. No external help of any sorts is allowed during any of the rounds.
    3. Usage of electronic gadgets during the events is prohibited.
    4. Extra time will not be provided.
    1. Ravika: 9176261521
    2. Trisha Jha: 7250149116
    3. Wayne Reis : 777696851
    4. Vallabh Dixit : 7358356199




  1. “Winter is here”

    Theme: Game of Thrones.
    “There is only one war that matters the Great War. And it is here.” The threat of the white walkers has been present ever since the beginning, but never stronger than right now. The Night King with his army of dead containing millions, now poses a grave peril to the mere existence of the Seven Kingdoms, let alone the Iron Throne and who sits on it. Are you Cersie Lannsiter? Who would do anything for the existence of the family name? Or the cunning Littlefinger, the humble snake, one who knows that knowledge is power and chaos is a ladder? Or the just, kind yet ferocious Daenerys Targaryen? Whatever it may be, as the wise man quotes ”VALAR MOGHULIS” So come join hands with other houses, form allies, strategize, manage, plan, form armies ,resurrect your kingdom and defeat the Night King. Round 1: “Winter is coming”
    The long winter is coming and the dead are coming with it, thus there is only one person that can stay alive and sit on the iron throne. Do you deserve to be alive? Do you deserve to sit on the great iron throne? Are you capable of leading your army? You will be assigned characters from GOT and you have to fight it out and prove that you are the one who deserves to stay alive, who is capable enough to lead their own army.
    Round 2: “Build your houses”
    Name your houses, get strategic people on board for eg. Army heads, advisors, strategic advisors, hand to the king etc. Declare your family trees. Buy strategic places via auction with a fixed amount given to each participant. The better people you have on your advisory panels, the more chances you have of winning. But do watch out for people like LittleFinger, who would slit your throat with the same dagger they equipped you with.
    Round 3: “ ..But the pack survives”
    Form allies with other houses and bargain with the Iron bank, the farmers, miners and blacksmiths to gather resources like food, gold, weapons. To make things interesting special resources such as dragon glass, dragons, giants, unsullied will also be available. The things will be handed over physically to people, eg we will make gold bars to represent gold, small army figures to represent army, similarly with the dragons etc. Gather maximum resources to tackle the final round. If you aren’t able to gather resources just remember “a small man can cast a very big shadow” through his allies and knowledge and what Jon Snow said “The long night is coming, and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them, the free folk can’t stop them, the Night’s Watch can’t stop them and all the southern kings can’t stop them. Only together, all of us, and even then it might not be enough but at least we’ll give them a fight.”
    Round 4: “The Great War”
    Buy your castles (here comes the second opportunity to buy get strategic places.), stock up your granaries, erect the big walls, ready your army for the dead have arrived. The battle with the dead will be simulated in this round. You will have a map of the seven kingdoms and all the representations of the all the castles will be placed on the map. All the participants will be divided according to their alliances and put into separate places. In each place a similar map of the seven kingdoms will be presented and after each 10 minutes all the maps will be updated according to the reactions and planning going in each room. The armies of different kingdoms would be moving. The movements of the dead army will be shown and updated continuously, crisis will be popping up every second, it will be chaos all over and your response to it decides it all. This will be a 24 hour war from 5pm on the third day to 5pm last day. You will have breaks during the day as there are in a real war. Your resources and allies will come to your rescue. Your success depends upon how well you use and exploit your resources. In the end just remember the words of Tyrion Lannister “Death is so final, yet life is full of possibilities” and “Burn them all”!

    1) An applicant cannot register more than once
    2) Multiple participants from institutes are allowed and encouraged
    3) In case of disputes/discrepancies, the decision of the judges/event organizers shall be final and bidding.

    Judgement Criteria:
    The aim is to use the resources in the most efficient manner and survive till the end while making sure that all situations of crisis are tackled.

    Saptarishi - +91 94326 48873
    Shivam - +91 91235 79552

    Build Your Business

    Theme: The gradual formation of business.
    This event is to test the participant’s skill regarding the building up of a business on one’s own idea. It gives the participants whole exposure on how businesses are set up and people are recruited.
    Round wise Description:
    Round 1: Guess Who
    Around 50 of the world famous entrepreneurs pictures will be given to the candidates. The candidates have to guess their names and the company or business forum they have founded. The people will be eliminated based on how many correct answers they have given.
    Round 2: Invest and Rest
    This round will test the investment of all the participants. It will also involve the presentation or marketing skills of the advertiser. Candidates will have to present their product with proper presentation before the judges. The team which will be able to impress the judges most will be at an advantage over the other teams as in they may be able to fill in their accounts with more cash depending on their advertisement.The maximum amount awarded by the judges can be Rs 10000 and minimum amount will be Rs 200 for each advertisement.The maximum time limit for the presentation will be 5 min and the preparation time of 20 minutes. If they do not submit their advertisement in the given time frame, they will be eliminated.After their presentation the teams will be asked to buy and sell their shares among themselves. Thus, based on the cumulative account balance the top few teams will progress the next round.
    Round 3: What’s your Basement?

    In this round, the candidates will be divided into groups and each of the group will be asked to make a company. They have to as a group discuss the various parameters such as Ideology behind the company, Overview of current business environment related to your business idea/plan, Complete organizational structure, Marketing strategies, Financial aspects including budget, revenue etc., Strategies to expand, Possible crisis that hamper the company and its solutions, etc. They have to basically provide with a complete Buisiness Plan to Start up their own company. The best among these will be qualified for the next round.
    Round 4: Are you worth it?
    Participants from the previous round will move on to this round. The participants have to undergo two levels here.
    1. Interview round: In this round the candidate will be interviewed by a panel of other candidates who have been qualified. Both of them will be marked on how they present and answer the questions. For instance, we give a particular position you will be applying for. The interviewer and the candidate will be assessed and marked on how knowledgeable and familiar they are with the post and how they can impress the interviewer to give them the job.
    2. Recruitment round: In this round, the same candidate who was interviewed will be a part of the interviewer panel and he/she has to interview the candidate. They will again be marked on how they perform. Each candidate gets to interview 2-3 people applying for different post and has to provide a report on each of the candidate he/she has interviewed.

    The candidate with the highest marks, best interviews, best report on the candidate interviewed will be the winner.

    Participants shall not use mobile phone or electronic gadgets during the rounds.
    No external help of any person is to be taken during the rounds.
    Participants shouldn’t get any material along with them, everything if required will be provided.
    Plans and strategies cannot be used from elsewhere.
    Each participant’s overall performance will be taken into consideration.
    Jatin - 8754478858
    Pradyumn - 7266885521
    Gunjan - 7397241131


    THEME: Revolution of Rural India to the Top Class Share Markets
    DESCRIPTION:A Farmer is the base to the lives of everyone in India.So this event is about how a farmer becomes a superpower to the society.
    Round 1: Shipwreck:
    You are given the role of Superman/ Justin Bieber/ Narendra Modi etc. The ship is sinking, and the Captain has only one Life-Jacket left. You are on the ship with other famous celebrities/ fictional characters/ hypothetical characters. Sink into the given character and try to escape from the sinking ship by using your impressive, convincing skills and prove that you deserve the only Life-jacket. Make yourself appear prominent and better than any other person/ thing on board to win the Life jacket and eventually win the event. The participants are judged on content, humor, cogent arguments, valid points and audience response.
    Round 2: Devil Follows:
    Devil follows is an innovative management game which would give students a lesson how to work in a team & create team building attitude amongst them. In this event, a group of 4 students would have to do a task. Out of four members, three members would be blind-folded and the last member cannot speak. In a time frame of 5 minutes, the students have to collect all the material. Then they have to make the product.
    Round 3: RURAL-LE-CARTE
    Rural India has a huge potential which is untapped, and if we want to make India a super power we need to integrate rural India with technology. So this event - It is an initiative to provide students an opportunity to apply their marketing concepts into earnings.
    They need to prepare a marketing plan, including the branding and sales promotion strategies.

    Round4-The Indian auction mania
    From the money they earn in round 3, the contestans Sit in an auction with rural products. RULES:
    Participants shall not use mobile phone or electronic gadgets during the rounds.
    No external help of any person is to be taken during the rounds.
    Participants shouldn’t get any material along with them, everything if required will be provided. JUDGEMENT CRITERIA:
    Each participant’s overall performance will be taken into consideration.


    THEME: Common Man to Being the CEO
    DESCRIPTION: The theme of this event is the path of the common man’s dream i.e., to rule over the market which is being the CEO of a company.
    Round 1: IT’S AD TIME!
    If you enjoy watching advertisements, then this round will be a win-win for you because in it you just have to watch, listen, recognize and tell us about all the ads shown to you.
    Round 2: THE WHEEL
    This round will spin your mind around. Spin the wheel, get a brand. Spin it again and get a product. Do it for the third time and get an age group. Then paint it up creatively.
    Round 3: KEEP IT GOING!
    Team gets a company status. Unfortunately, the company is going through a huge crisis. The company is completely broke. Participants have to accept the challenge, apply the power of their mind, make a product or any service for the company and completely change the situation and condition of the company.
    Round 4: THE CEO
    Run your company as if you are doing business in real life. 5min of our game time will be equal to 1 month in real world. AUCTION-PRODUCT-PROFIT. Apply for tenders and complete it dealing with various situations and earn profit.
    Participants shall not use mobile phone or electronic gadgets during the rounds.
    No external help of any person is to be taken during the rounds.
    Participants shouldn’t get any material along with them, everything if required will be provided.
    Each participant’s overall performance will be taken into consideration.
    Saurabh Singh: 9451910235
    Harshit: 7011683794
    Harsh: 8527833081




  1. Prison Break

    An architect, the best to ever live, was given a task to design a jail which is unbreakable and where no one can escape. Soon after completing his work he was arrested for fraud. Surprisingly he was sent to the same jail which he designed. He being the architect of the jail had made one escape route which the world had no clue of.
    Round 1
    Number of Participants : 300-400
    The participant has to rescue a prisoner from the prison/jail. There are various obstacles he/she has to overcome.
    First: Pass through complex structure of threads without touching it (threads are the lasers).
    Second: Quickly wear a police outfit (shirt and cap). So that no one identifies him/her.
    Third: Run to the jail master give your fake Identity . The identity will be proved on bases of some riddle.
    Fourth : Finally grab the prisoner and escape.
    JUDGING CRITERIA: 1. For every wrong step some time will be added . 2. People who have completed the task fastest will be selected for the next round .
    Round 2
    Rules and guidelines:
    1.Prison Break is a team event.
    2.A team of 4 members can participate.
    3.Participants in a team must be from the same college or organization.
    4.The duration of the event is 30 min.

    1. A basic print of jail will be given where there will be several escape plans.
    2. The team who can find most number of escape route in given time will qualify for the next round.
    Round 3
    Duration of the event is 2 DAYS.
    Story line:
    An architect, the best to ever live, was given a task to design a jail which is unbreakable and where no one can escape. Soon after completing his work he was arrested for fraud. Surprisingly he was sent to the same jail which he designed. He being the architect of the jail had made one escape route which the world had no clue of.
    -> Participant is the architect here, in this round. Team has to design a prison which has no escape route.
    -> There will be only one escape plan that no one but the participant (architect) knows.
    -> The escape plan is there because he was an evil person who new if someday he had been imprisoned there should be an escape plan out.
    -> We as judge have to find the escae route and stop it. If we are successful in doing so. The team total will be reduced by 5 points.
    -> If judges are not able to spot the escape then the team wins and they will be allotted bonus 5 points.

    Judging Criteria:


    “Cities have the capability to provide something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.” -Jane Jacobs
    Rome was not built in a day, but, it all starts with an idea. It all starts with an engineer’s vision. It is not great buildings that make a great city, but a great engineer. So if you think you have the creativity and skill to shape cities, that shape us, here’s your chance. Aaruush'18 presents SmartCity, an event for creators. This is a team event to build and present the model for the most innovative and feasible city plan. The event includes presentation and a questionnaire related to the model.
    Round 1: TWIST AND TURN
    DESCRIPTION: In this round 3 sub levels will be there. Contestants will be paired in 2. In first level, participants will be given two bowls one will be empty and other will be full of gems. Participant has to suck in gems from one bowl and has to suck it out in other bowl. In next level, one member has to do the acting of the line or a word provided to them and other has to decode the word, if they get the word correctly then they move to next sub level and at the last level, paper cups filled with cold drinks will be there, participant has to drink it and flip the empty cup and has to lay them upside down.
    JUDGING CRITERIA : Time duration
    Round 2
    Rules and guidelines
    1. Smart City is a team event.
    2. A team of of 6 members can participate.
    3. Participants in a team must be from the same college or organization.
    4. The duration of the event is 5 hours.
    5.The area of the city is nearly 300 acres of land with 2,35,500 people.(imagination)
    6. For presentation, the participants have to carry their own laptops.
    ->Teams will be given an area and a situation according to which they have to draft a plan for smart city.
    ->While designing they have to clearly showcase all sectors of infrastructure.(Buildings, Transportation, Connectivity, Water supply, Energy, Technology, healthcare, government policies etc.)
    After they complete it, they will be judged on the basis of their design and will be evaluated. The selected few will qualify for the next round.
    Round 3
    Things to be provided-
    1. Chartpapers
    2. Thermocols
    3. Glue
    4. Cardboard
    5. Cups
    6. Ice cream sticks
    7. Cottons
    8. Paints
    9. Brushes
    10. Decorative items

    What to do?
    -> A model of Smart City is to be made from their material provided.
    -> The model should be made according to the situation given. All the criteria should be met.
    -> Bonus points will be awarded for including sectors like Green Fuel, Green Power, Water and Waste Management and any original eco-friendly endeavour.

    Judging Criteria:
    At the end they have to sell their plan to the judge. If they are successful in doing so, extra points will be awarded.

    The Fallout

    Participants have to make contraptions that will be connected in series. The first contraption triggers the second, which triggers the third and so forth until the last contraption is reached. The last contraption must perform a simple task such as popping a balloon, lighting a light bulb, cracking an egg, raising a flag, etc.
    Round 1
    Number of Participants : 300-400
    Idea : There will be a team of two people and they will have to overcome a few obstacles put in front of them. First they will have to burst three balloons with 3 balls and then from there they will have to go on to a zig zag path where one of them will be sitting on a chair and controlling the football with their legs and the other one will have to move the chair blindfolded and then both of them will have to flip 3 bottles.
    EVALUATION: Those who will complete the obstacles fastest will proceed to the next round .
    Round 2
    Idea : Dog in the bone- the participants will have to grab a material kept on the floor before the participant of the other team does that or catches him doing that. One member from each team will have to come forward (this is an 4 vs 4 competition). One item would be placed at the center and the players have to grab it and run towards there team member. If he/she is able to do that without being caught then that team will win that material and they will also win one point.
    Round 3 and Round 4
    Round 3-
    Duration: 1 day
    1.The selected participants from round one have to make the flow or the design of contraption.
    2.They will be divided into teams. With each team having 4 members in it.
    3.They have to also show the usage of simple machines such as Levers ,Gears, Pulley’s etc.
    1. The design will be checked how innovative is.
    2. The model design should be mechanically strong.
    Round 4-
    Duration: 1 day (6 hrs a day)
    Design Brief: The contraption must
    1. Transfer energy through a series of mechanisms. Each mechanism will link with the next mechanism to transfer energy from start to finish.
    2. Operate completely on its own, once started.
    3. Fit into the area directly above its 24” x 24” base, other than any components designated to trigger another contraption. There is no limit to the height of your subsystem, but it must be free standing.
    4. Be constructed from the parts specified.
    5. Use 4 or more simple machines.
    Evaluation Criteria:
    • Design brief: The machine should fit the design brief.
    • Function:
    1. The machine should complete its task with no human intervention.
    2. The machine should be reliable.
    • Creativity:
    1. The machine’s steps should be innovative.
    2. Materials/components should be used in unique ways.
    • Complexity:
    1. The machine should have at least 4 steps using at least 4 different simple machines.
    2. Five points will be awarded for each additional step beyond 4.
    3. All steps should be unique from each other and of reasonable complexity.
    Tools required:
    Process Recommended Tool, Alternate Tool, Cutting Multi-Cutter Saw, Pruning Shears, Reaming Reamer, Drill Bit and Drill Screwing, Screwdriver None and Holding and Pulling Pliers None.
    Supplies: Each team will be provided with materials.


    To make a dull room/van into a lively structure using your creativity regarding interior designing.
    Innovation may range from a dull to a lively wedding hall or to a monument interior or to a garden. Here contestants imagination has no limit or we can say sky is the only limit.
    Number of Participants : 150 – 200
    Description: There will be a dark room (covered with black sheets if glass windows will be there) which will have fairy lights as a only source for lightning up the room. At a time only 3 groups consisting of 2 members ( or 3), each will be allowed to enter the room. In the entrance they will be provided with a book and a sheet (sheet consisting of a column of page number, line number, word number and a blank space) .Contestants will be provided with torches too. Now at the first sub level participants have to fill the blank sheet and have to rush to the volunteers of our domain so that they can give them the proceed sign after checking the words they have found. Even if their one word is wrong we will send them back and they have to find it again and come back to the volunteer.
    Now the contestants who have passed first sub level will go for second sub level where one of them has to blind fold and the other one has to give him the hint written on the sheet provided (all jumbled up) about the object his partner is having in his hand and the blind folded person has to touch and guess the object name. Out of five if they got 4 right then they will proceed for next sub level.
    Now in the third sub level they will be provided with 7 cubical blocks on each one of them six different letters will be written. Here one person will be blind folded and the other one has to guide his partner in jumbling up the blocks in such a way that AARUUSH is the ultimate word they form .
    JUDGING CRITERIA : Out of 4 only 2 teams that will complete these will be qualified for the next round .
    Number of Participants : 100-150
    Description: A square consisting of 20 small squares where 10 squares will be in one column and other ten in other. There will be 2 teams facing the round at one go. In each team 2 participants will be there one participant standing at one end of square and other at last end. One of the two participants will be blind folded and other one will be provided with a question set of 15. The person asking the question will have 2 things by his side, one will be a glass full of lemon water without sugar (or salty water) and other will be chocolate syrup. Now the participant having the question will be asking one question to his partner if he is right then our volunteer will show him green flag, the participant then has to go to the blind folded person and he has to make him lick the chocolate syrup and if the volunteer shows him red flag he has to make his partner to drink salty water. While doing so if the contestant gets one question right then he will move one block ahead, if wrong then he has to take one step backward, keeping in mind that timer has been set for their team.
    JUDGING CRITERIA : Out of 15 questions the one who has answered more number of questions correctly or has covered more number of blocks they will be qualified for next level .If two participants have given equal right answers then we will judge them on the basis of time they took to answer the questions.
    ROUND 3
    Number of Participants : 50-100
    We will make chits which will be having themes (mentioned below). Each participant has to select a chit depending on their luck they have to work on it. Depending on the themes they got, we will be providing them with respective materials. They will be given time to sketch an outlay for designing .
    JUDGING CRITERIA: If the number of participants exceeds the number of themes then they will be scrutinized on the basis of their design.
    ROUND 4
    Number of Participants : 30-50
    They have to design a van with the given material on the basis of the theme. Themes given:
    Objective: To design a wedding area.
    Guest house:
    Objective: To decorate a guest house which will make your guest happy because ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA.
    Objective: Create a modern palace of the century we are living in.
    Objective: Build a garden fulfilling multiple needs.
    Objective: They have to design a room depicting the theme of specific festival.
    Transformation of already existing monument:
    Objective: Make a new monument on the basis of previous monument removing their glitches.
    Wedding: fewer materials used and a sober wedding plan which is cost effective. Guest house: an eye soothing guest room fulfilling all the necessities of a guest Palace: The best modern palace of the era. Garden: : Garden meeting the requirement of all the three generations (youth/ kids/old people) Transformation of already existing monument: The best monument removing maximum glitches.




  1. Lethal Turn

    An uneventful flight from the Americas to Japan turns into a frightful event where a fatal turn has led to a crash landing on a possibly hostile, unknown island in the middle of the great Pacific. Only 4 people survive the crash. Do the survivors have it in them to survive out in the middle of nowhere until help arrives?

    Natural Selection: Survive the crash, mark the site and help your mates to gather the resources required for survival.

    Knowledge Is Survival: Its either a life of perfect solitude without your phone on the island or the determination to get back on the couch at home and play COD all day. Make a casualty report, salvage any parts and see if your plane can be fixed.

    The Presentation Circus: Having made a casualty report, the survivors need to make a ppt describing safety concerns, prevention techniques, important requirements to survive etc.. to be sent to their Headquartes, to avoid future faults.

    Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner: Get ready to receive training and battle out the questions with your quick missile like answers and be the BEST among the best. In the end, there can be only one winner.

    Event Cordinators Details:
    Sathvik- 9789448236
    Chhavi- 9790721160

    The Aviators

    Take yourself on a tour to a completely new area of aeronautical design and fabrication. Take your common sense to an extraordinary level of aviation intelligence. Mark your presence by building your own IFO (Identified Flying Object) and guiding its way through the 'ups' and 'downs' of its life. Take your IFO on an adventure and destroy your enemies to prove your mettle.

    1) Air-'liner': Test your basic aviation instincts to guess the aviation giant, using only its 'one liner' in a race against time.
    2) IFO (Identified Flying Object): Fabricate your IFO by acquiring the necessary resources from the IFO fair and whoosh your way to the next landing pier.
    3) The IFO nemesis: Take strategic offensive positions and trajectories to demolish your IFO's nemesis.
    4) IFO of the future: Fabricate the IFO of the future, the "flying wing" and compete with other budding developers in a race to the finish.

    Event Coordinator Details:
    1. Shiladitya- 7550167118
    2. Vishesh- 8279912293


    This is the story of a curious astrophysicist.
    One day, he decides to take on the space adventure by himself. Excited to see what happens?


    As luck would have it, his fuel indicator starts beeping as soon as he takes off. Landing on the nearest is the only option left for him. But wait, what is that creature walking towards him?


    Now that you know your destination, get your hands dirty and build a whole new spaceship.


    There is no feeling like completing an adventure. But the curious astrophysicist did not see the ‘’water’’ surprise coming.


    Now he must, with all his hopes and willpower, build a water rocket so as to escape the planet and put a finish to this adventure.

    Event Cordinators:
    Shazaan Hussain- 9535643491
    Badri- 9958759582




  1. Clashetronics

    “Patience, persistence and perspiration makes an unbeatable combination for success”. This is what the game “Clash of Clans” is all about. Combining it with Electronics will test the amount of patience and knowledge, and will make the event quite captivating.
    • BRONZE: On completing the tasks of Round 1, the participants will be given the bronze league.
    • SILVER: The final participants who will qualify for Round 2 will be given silver league.
    • GOLD: Completing the tasks of Round 2, they will be given gold league.
    • CRYSTAL: Successfully qualified for Round 3, the participants will be given this league.
    • MASTER: On successfully executing the tasks of Round 3, will be awarded with the master league.
    • CHAMPION: On qualifying for Round 4, the participants will be given champion league.
    • TITAN & LEGEND: On completing Round 4 successfully, the winner will get the legend league and the runners up will get the titan league.
    Gather as many points from a series of blocks containing basic questions of Electronics within a stipulated time.
    Blindfolded participant need to find the right door by a digital logical expression and answer some multiple choice questions from advanced electronics.
    Participants need to step on the two specific boxes, out of which the alarm of buzzer indicates “1” else “0”. Decoding a logical expression within a time will be their most important task.
    Round 4: BE THE LEGEND
    In this round the participants need to gather all clues from round 3 and they put forward a “black box” containing a sinusoidal input. Innovation will be the prime importance and the key to victory.
    • Aaruush’18 common registration is mandatory.
    • The abstract of the black box should be sent beforehand.
    • In Round 2 the person entering the wrong door will be eliminated straightaway.
    • No access to mobile phones or any unwanted bits of paper.
    • Decision of the jury should be the final one.
    • A single person cannot take part in the event twice.
    ROUND 1:-Time Constraint, Point Constraint, Difficulty of the questions.
    ROUND 2:-Ability to solve logic expressions, Time Constraint, Knowledge of Electronics
    ROUND 3:-Executability, Capableness
    ROUND 4:-Creativity, Stability, Time Constraint


    “If you got the talent, accept the challenge and show the world what are you capable of.” Keeping this in mind, this event intends to cultivate various innovative ideas to go through all the rounds in this event. The theme is based on the famed Naruto Series where the participants get to go through various mainstream events in the ‘Naruto World’.
    After qualifying round 1 – GENIN.
    After qualifying round 2 – CHUNIN.
    After qualifying round 3 – JOENIN.
    Winner – FIRST RAIKAGE.
    Runner’s up - SECOND RAIKAGE.
    The participant calculates equivalent resistance and shows ninja skills by passing through lasers.
    Participants need to find errors in the circuit chosen by them using electronic dice.
    The participants need to simulate the design chosen by them by throwing darts.
    Participants need to design the circuit based upon the results from third round.
    1. Aaruush'18 common registration is mandatory.
    2. The participants are expected to be present at the respective time slots allotted to them. Failure to do so might lead to disqualification.
    3. Participants will have no access to cell phones.
    4. Decision of the Jury shall be considered final.
    1. NINJUTSU TRAINING:- Time Constraint
    2. : 8 - TRIGRAMS - PALM ROTATION:- Time Constraint, Correctness, Number of errors found
    3. THE SHURIKEN JUTSU:- Correctness, Time Constraint
    4. NINJUTSU MASTERY:- Time Constraint


    “Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.” Keeping this in mind, this event intends to cultivate an environment worth enjoying. The theme is based on the famed X-Men Series where the participants get to go through various mainstream events in the X-Men Universe.
    The participant rescues his teammate who is being held hostage.
    Phase I: The participants solve crossword puzzles based on electronics.
    Phase II: The participants buy various resistors and capacitors using virtual money and design equivalent resistors and capacitors of the given values.
    The participants take the role of current and cross a circuit maze.
    Round 4: THE LAST STAND
    The participants have to fish out circuit diagrams with the electromagnetic fishing rod they make and find the errors in the diagram and rectify the errors.
    1. Aaruush'18 common registration is mandatory.
    2. The participants are expected to be present at the respective time slots allotted to them. Failure to do so, might lead to disqualification.
    3. Teams will have no access to cell phones.
    4. Decision of the Jury shall be considered final.

    1. Mutant’s Liberation :- Time Constraint
    2. Professor X’s Intelligence:-P-1: Time Constraint, Correctness P-2: Time Constraint
    3. Quicksilver’s Speed:-A. Path chosen by participant B. Time Constraint
    4. The Last Stand:- Time Constraint

    Hybrid Hack

    Hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) are becoming popular as stand-alone power systems for providing electricity in remote areas due to advances in renewable energy technologies and subsequent rise in prices of petroleum products. A hybrid energy system, or hybrid power, usually consists of two or more renewable energy sources used together to provide increased system efficiency as well as greater balance in energy supply. This event will be organized for college students. It requires the participating teams to come up with models/prototypes that utilize renewable sources of energy for power generation. Generally, students can participate in teams of 2 members each(or less).

    Constraints :
    1. The systems designed by the teams should involve at least 70% usage of renewable sources of energy for power generation.
    2. The model should suffice at least a population of 100 people.
    3. The contestants can use different software tools to present different aspects of the model.
    4. The model should be persistent on extrapolation for a period of at least 5 years.
    5. Energy conversion concept/process should be implemented over hardware.
    6. Cost efficiency and net efficiency will also be considered for evaluation.

    Register here : Link




  1. Death Note

    “When you die, I'll be the one writing your name in my Death Note.”
    Puff your chest and get ready to face some breath taking challenges. Clear the technical quests and survive till the end. Failure will lead you to the Death Note.
    Round 1: Toggle Hunt
    Search for buttons containing the correct answer to 10 Technical questions in 10 consecutive pages. One page will lead to another and the final page takes you to the next round.
    Round 2: Social Mania
    Design and post a theme based logo on social media platforms. Assigned task, depending on the number of likes, is to be completed.
    Round 3: Track it on the Map
    You need to track down the location of a particular place by completing series of tasks. The location is found out in the form of Latitude and Longitude on Google Maps. (Degree°Minutes’Seconds’’Direction).
    1. Aaruush'18 common registration is mandatory.
    2. If any type of malpractice is found, it will lead to disqualification of the participant.
    3. Decision of the Jury shall be considered final.
    4. For the first round, the contestant cannot reverse his choice if he selects a wrong button. Selection of a wrong button will lead the participant to exit page.
    5. For the second round, the likes should be original. Recognition of fake likes will lead to disqualification.

    Register here

    Trapped Inside Web

    Do you ever feel trapped? No?
    We present to you a set of situations where you’ll feel Trapped inside the Web. Struggle to get out of the online world by completing a series of task which will come in way.
    Prerequisites: Come up with a Bitmoji & a gaming name as your identity throughout the mission.
    Round 1: Mystery Minds
    Choose a type of code and realign it. Run the realigned code which will pop up a LINK of mystery riddle. Solve the riddle and find the solution.
    Round 2: Crypto’s Cranny
    Find the solution of an altered situation by decrypting the code using the given algorithm.
    Round 3: Bitmoji Streaming
    Make a video on a computer process with your Bitmoji inside the video, describing the entire process step by step and changing the Bitmoji in the video.
    1. Aaruush'18 common registration is mandatory.
    2. The participants are expected to submit the solution to the respective mail within the allotted time. Failure to do so, might lead to disqualification.
    3. If any type of malpractice is found, it will lead to disqualification of the participant..
    4. Decision of the Jury shall be considered final.
    5. For the first round, the contestant is requested to refrain from copying the cartoon picture and description from internet or any other source. The mailed content should be purely original.
    6. For the final round, the contestant has to strictly adhere to the computer process mailed to him. Even minor changes will result in disqualification.

    Register here

    My Bot

    How much can AI affect human life?
    This event involves the implementation and application of Artificial Intelligence in the form of Chatbots. The code and design can be submitted by the contestants on GitHub.
    General set of Rules:
    • The participants can choose any platform for ChatBot implementation.
    • The GitHub repository of the contestants should be public for access and evaluation.
    • The implementation should consist of two components:
    - The ChatBot
    - A web page that includes the ChatBot
    • The code should be free from plagiarism.
    • For free web hosting, online applications like webhostapp and bitballoon can be used.

    Register here

    Pirates Of the Carribean

    Have you ever been to a treasure hunt before?
    Online domain of aaruush’18 is giving the participants a chance to play a treasure hunt which is entirely Online . Fun riddles !! Exciting puzzles !! all in one.
    Prerequisites: The participants should have some basic social media apps like facebook,youtube,snapchat to be downloaded in their phones.
    Level 1:
    A person’s name who’s having the map will be given in a crossword or some puzzle and participants have to enter the username in snapchat and track down the location of user on snap map and send the screenshot for the above.
    Level 2:
    Make gify on making of your compass and according to them, how will your compass work unlike jack sparrow (whose direction will give the direction)
    Level 3:
    Design your pirate ship along with the flag of the ship using a software which the participants will be given.
    Level 4:
    The participants will have to send the image of location or coordinates with the help of google earth or click the image by reaching the point.
    1. The participants should use only the given softwares for creating the desired results
    2. There should be no pre made outcomes for the given clues.

    Register here




  1. Project X

    "What was once proved, was once only imagined."
    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    Look around you. What do you see? A sincere analysis of the world in which we live in will bring to notice a host of issues. But a society that does not innovate is one which ultimately stagnates. This is why every generation must have those few individuals who are passionate about solving the problems that others face, thereby making the world a better place to live in. Project X is a limited participation event which aims to provide a platform to the innovators of our generation and help them solve some, if not all the issues that plague our society.
    Round Description:
    In this round, we throw open the event to 30 teams of innovators. As was mentioned earlier, the participating teams will have to come up with unique solutions for the problems that are given to them. The participating teams will be given problem statements to solve. These statements are compiled keeping in mind the issues that people face. This round is going to test your creativity and your perspective on the problem that is given to you. Are you creative enough to come up with a solution that is worth putting out into this world?
    Every problem must be solved and every solution must have a roadmap. This round is all about putting your solution down on paper to help everyone gain a clear picture of the path that you’ve chosen to take. The clearer the picture, the higher are your prospects of making it to the next stage. Teams will be required to prepare SRS documents and OOAD diagrams of their solutions. Based on this, elimination will take place.
    ROUND 3: (WHACK!)
    It’s time to put on your thinking caps and be ready to dance to the symphony of code as you relentlessly type programs to actually create a working prototype of what you had envisioned in the previous round. This is a 48 hour, non stop coding based round. So, bring out the programmer and web developer in you and strap in for a wild ride.

    This is an event where pitching and programming go hand in hand. We aim to provide you the experience of not only creating something that can make a better future, but also a glimpse into how such models are made out there in the real world. Your work is the presentation of your capabilities, so be prepared to do just that. Pitch your model to the judges in a unique manner and convince them that what you have created is something that the world needs. Only the worthy shall win.


    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    Programming is the new literacy at current times. So are you passionate about coding and decoding? Does encryption and decryption excite you the most? Are algorithm, programming and compiling always blogging your mind? Then boys and girls of SRM, we have brought to you the best platform to raise your programme solving capacity exponentially and to run the loops of you mind.
    So are you ready to unleash the code warrior in you as its time to tease your brain a little and generate ripples in your wide river of knowledge.

    Round wise description:
    The world of puzzles is a world where your brain gets to create a different way of understanding a problem. Sudoku is a type of puzzle where you get some already assigned numbers to finish the whole 9X9 grid by not repeating 1-9 numbers horizontally, vertically or in the box. Here, we change the way you see a sudoku, your coding and puzzle skills are to be tested!! Can you make it up to the next round?
    Not everyone with great English is allowed to play crosswords!! We have bought the old boring crossword with a twist! if you have coding your veins, if you have the talent to de-cipher things, if you have the talent to look things from a different perspective, this is the great chance to show your skills to the world.
    Encryption and Decryption is something used to convert a gibberish text to a meaningful paragraph or vice-versa. This was what let Allan Turing to decipher enigma and defeat the Germans. This is what you will be doing to defeat others, you will be introduced to the world of encoding and decoding.
    Pirates are treasure looters who conquer the seas and gain treasures and in the last moment of there life they hide them in different islands and leave clues on there way so that the person worthy of it gets it. Today we give you the opportunity to become a modern treasure hunter and find the treasure hidden by the pirates of YUDDHAME CRYPT-O-SUTRA and conquer it using your knowledge.


    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    Do you think coding is something which is in your blood? Do you feel there is no problem statement out there which you cannot code? Does sitting in front of the computer screen and deciphering all the problems in the form of codes thrills you to bits. Well then, you have landed at the perfect coding colosseum. The code gladiators are waiting out there, what are you waiting for? Come enter the battle royale and shed some “Code” and “Blood” with us.

    Round wise description:
    The round 1 of this epic clash is real simple for a code gladiator like you. The participants would be entering with a teammate and will be provided with a set of patterns which they would need to print. Teams would first be submitting the code on paper and once finished can move on to their computers for testing of their code. Teams would be judged based on the marks scored and time taken.
    Gladiators, if you didn’t succumb in the first round the battle royale takes the clash to the next level where you would not be allowed to use certain moves of yours. Basically teams would be restricted from using certain functionalities within their programs. Teams would first be submitting the code on paper and once finished can move on to their computers for testing of their code. Teams would be judged based on the marks scored and time taken.
    The heat is really getting on now. This round would require your teammates to watch your backs. Teams would be given a problem statement and each teammate would be given five minutes to work on the computer after which the teammates would be swapped. The entire round would be computer based. Teams would be judged on the aptness of output and time taken.
    ROUND 4 (Game Of Codes) :
    It’s down to the final showdown the climax is right here waiting for the victor to emerge and the champion to be crowned. Rules are quite straight forward you get the output, you win! But wait it’s not an everyday affair it’s a battle royale so be ready for some brain churning problems coming your way. The entire round is computer based. Teams would be judged on the aptness of output and time taken.


    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    The whole event is based on cryptology and various encoding techniques. A storyline will be created looping in all the rounds into the narration which will create an appealing aura of mystery around the event.

    This event will be played in teams of 2.
    Round wise description:

    ROUND 1: Blank Sudoku.
    The participants will be given a blank Sudoku and a bunch of programs.
    They will be required to dry run the program and get their outputs.
    Each program will have 3 digits as output. Row, column, and value which will be feed into the blank Sudoku.
    After all the values are feed into the Sudoku the participants will be required to solve the remaining Sudoku.
    ROUND 2: Cryptic Crossword.
    We will have prepared study material for 10-15 different encoding techniques.
    The participants will be given a program. They will be required to get the output of that program. According to the output they get they will be given 4-5 encoding techniques to work with in this round.
    Now they will be given a crossword puzzle with encrypted words as across and down hints.
    They will have to write computer programs for all the encoding techniques given to them.
    Then they will run the encrypted words through the programs they have written and use the outputs to complete the crossword.
    ROUND 3: Intercepted Transmission.
    The participants will be given a text that they need to encode and transmit.
    They will use any encoding technique to encode the text.
    Then all the encoded text will be shuffled and they will be given one at random such that they don’t get their own text.
    Now they will be required to decode the transmitted text.
    ROUND 4:
    This round is based around the idea of a treasure hunt with a story. The participants will have to cross various hurdles and stages by finding clues, being observant and decoding the encoded riddles. The first to clear all the stages wins.




  1. Tech-Feud

    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    Arguments are like fire-arms which a man may keep at home but should not carry about with him. -Samuel Buffer
    Team Praesentatio provides you with a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your public speaking skills. The buffet has appreciable varieties. The team throws an open challenge to all those out there with good oratory skills on Technical topics.So sharpen your tongue and let's get speaking!
    Round 1: JAM
    Draw a random topic and speak for Just a Minute.You will be given 5 mins to prepare and 1 min to speak. Get JAMming!

    Round 2: GD
    You will be divided into random groups of 5-7 people and given a topic. Put forth your ideas in the group and let’s see if the oppositions agree.

    Round 3: Debate
    No wheatstone of words is complete without a debate.The Debate is contention in argument; especially a formal discussion of technical subject before a judge. So, LISTEN.SPEAK.REBUT!

    Vaishnavi Vadlamudi (7981698394)
    Smit Pratyush (8209736631)
    Srijan (9542797659)

    Sarcastic as..

    Concept of the Event (Theme and Field of Innovation the Event):
    Sarcasm is a subtle weapon that can be carefully crafted to spice up our otherwise mundane conversations. This event takes a comic look towards the various social issues and brings out our witty side in a twisted way. So let our “lowest form of wit and the highest form of intelligence” do the talking.
    ROUND 1: Twist it!
    Can you never end a story with “...and they lived happily ever after”? Well, then you are in the right place! In this round, you will be given the first part of a Micro tale and they are required to complete the tale with a comical twist in the end.
    ROUND 2: Play Along!
    • Presenting an idea or knowledge is a form of art that takes immense skill and experience to master. But those skills are not enough here.
    • this round, you will be given a ppt prepared by us in advance. You won’t be allowed to look at it before you go on to the stage and give a presentation.
    • A lot of off topic and silly phrases will be included in the ppt.
    • You will be required to make the presentation with a straight face and give logical reasons as to why that phrase/image is related to your presentation.

    ROUND 3: Court of insane
    ● A good lawyer understands their client’s objectives and strive to win the case. But some clients can be difficult!
    ● This round will be placed as a faceoff between you and the judge.
    ● A stupid court case will be created and you will be required to defend it without worrying about the stupidity of the case.

    ROUND 4: Satirically serious.
    Not every issue is black & white in nature. There are different shades of grey and people are entitled to their own opinion. This round tests one’s ability to use sarcasm to leave a mark on a group having varying opinions. A serious social topic will be given to you. You will have to make a very sarcastic/satirical speech. Even though the audience might laugh, the whole speech should force them to think about the topic on a deeper level.

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    1. Ayushi (7016028923)
    2. Purushottam (9597294696)
    3. Dattatreya (8072015905

    Chanakya Neeti

    As long as politics stay alive under the sun, so shall the preaching of Chanakya. If you think that that your knowledge of diplomacy and ideas have the potential to grasp minds and create revolution then we have the perfect platform for you! Praesentatio brings you a platform to speak to the people, for the people and find innovative solutions for the crisis! It's not just an event, it's politics!
    ROUND 1
    • One picture, few words and fewer minutes!
    • You will be given a picture.
    • You will have to write an in-shorts article about it with a relevant headline.

    ROUND 2r
    • You will be divided into groups and each group will be given a cabinet post.
    • Each group will be given relevant study material according to the assigned cabinet post.
    • Each will have to make a small speech on a topic related to their post and face questions.

    ROUND 3
    • The finale where political crisis will happen. The finalists will be appointed a ministry.
    • A whole cabinet scenario will be created and the moderator will keep on introducing external factors within the discussion at regular intervals.
    • Represent ministries, solve real world problems and test your decision making skills.
    • A brainstorming session for all the finalists to see who deserves to be a Neta and who goes home empty handed!

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Anusha (9834085054)
    Harika (9494023435)
    Krishna (9849264668)




  1. Gaia’s Challenge

    Tick Tock Tick Tock. Time is running out for Region 1.0 after being struck by Gaia’s wrath. Contact with the base has been lost ever since the earthquake struck. We need to survey the area and reestablish contact. Does your bot have the ability to venture out in the unknown and face unforeseen circumstances?
    Come join us in this game of the survival of the fittest and a race against time. May the force be with you.
    Round 1: Inspection
    Your bot will be inspected in order to determine if it matches the required specifications for our rescue bot. You will also be judged based on your design and concept.
    Round 2: Preliminary Survey
    Once your bot passes the specification test, next comes the preliminary survey where the bot has to travel a route consisting of rough and uneven terrain. Can your bot maneuver through the rocky terrain and the slushy swamps and yet come back in one piece? Your bot’s ability to efficiently survey the area will decide your fate. .

    Round 3: Control Test
    Now that you have proved your bot’s toughness, next comes obstacle avoidance. Your bot’s ability to skillfully avoid the obstacles to keep the damage minimum will play a key role in ensuring whether you will get to test your bot in the final mystery track or not!
    Round 4: Mystery Track
    After passing rigorous tests, your bot will finally be able to show its real abilities in the mystery track. As the name suggests, there is no information we have on this particular route and hence it’s a mystery. Your job is to maneuver successfully through the mystery track which will test the tactical ability of robots and its operators. Only the best of the best will emerge victorious.

    Event Coordinator Details:
    Smruthi +919654004088
    Anjali +919965503013


    Ever wished Real Steel was actually real and you could participate in a bot fight? Well, you got the chance to make it come true.
    Gladiators! Bring your robots ready to battle and pit them against their rival bots one on one where the aim is to prove your bot’s grit. Want to test your skills, strategy and power? Let your bot do the talking in a situation where its destroy or be destroyed.
    Droid Wars is an event in the where your robot’s ability to overpower your opponents will decide your fate. Come join us in an exhilarating game of tug of war. And yes, may the odds be ever in your favor.
    Round 1: League System
    After your bot passes the quality inspection, comes the main event. All gladiators will be divided into 4 groups randomly. You get the chance to fight every gladiator in your group.The top two contenders from each group advance to the next round. (Round of 8 )
    Round 2: Knockout 1
    Now the bar raises. Brace yourselves, for you will have to face the champions of the previous round. Your opponent will be chosen randomly. Will luck favor you? Can your bot prove to be the better champion? Only 4 worthy champions will advance out of 8 warriors.

    Round 3: Knockout 2
    Here come the semi-finals. Hold your ground for the grand title is just 1 round away. After the tense battle between the best 4, behold the finalists of the Droid Wars!
    Round 4: The grand Finale
    It all comes down to this. The ultimate glory is just one battle away. It’s all or nothing. Can you feel the tension? The top two droids will fight each other for the grand title. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate champion.?

    Event Coordinator Details:
    Noel +918848619244
    Sanchit +919575233749


    Remember the childhood when we used to solve maze in newspapers and magazines. Mazes are one of the oldest puzzles known to man. With the inventions of computers and robotics, man has always tried to automatize different tasks and processes, starting from computing and calculating. Can your robot solve a maze? Apply your innovative and creative mind with your technical skills and robotic knowledge to build an autonomous robot and participate in the exciting event coming up.
    Round 1-Technical Inspection
    The robot’s specifications will be checked for its compliance with the rules and the autonomic capabilities of the bot will be put to the test.
    Round 2- Basic Maze
    The game starts here, let your robot solve the maze. Let’s see how fast your robot is? If it completes the task, then prepare your robot for the next round.

    Round 3- Complex Maze
    Final round, can your robot solve complex mazes with multiple hurdles? Let’s see your robot speed. A part of the complex will consist of an inverse line follower section in which a white line will have to be followed. If your robot solves the maze fastest amongst all, your robot takes it all home.

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Smruthi +919654004088
    Achu +919447408265

    Robo League Soccer

    Still not out of the football fever?
    Want the same excitement you experienced while watching FIFA?
    Yours search ends here. We would like to introduce you to Robo League Soccer.
    Bring back your childhood memories and play the game we all love with a twist which tests your skill as well as your technical knowledge.
    So, who’s ready to get their bots out and bring back the spirit of FIFA.
    Round 1: League Matches
    The teams will be divided into 4 groups randomly. Each team will compete with every other team in the same group exactly once. The top two teams from each group will progress to the next round
    Round 2: Knockout Round
    The 8 teams which make it past the group stage will go head to head in this knockout round.The teams will compete with each other based on random selection. The winner of each match will proceed to the next round.

    Round 3: Semi Finals
    The stakes get higher in this heated semi-final round. With the title of champion within their sights, the teams will give it everything they have got to prove that they are worthy of qualifying for the Grand Finale

    Round 4: The Grand Finale
    The stage is set. Its now or never. The 2 teams have fought long and hard to make it here. Now they get one opportunity to show that they truly are the best, in this epic Grand Finale. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate champion?

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Noel +918848619244
    Sanchit +919575233749




  1. H.A.V.I.C

    Want to do something out of the ordinary? Try cruising on a cushion of air in our hovercraft challenge. This is your opportunity to show your mechanical skills in a creative way.
    Hovercraft is also known as “ACV” (air cushion vehicle) is a craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice and other surfaces

    Round 1: Knowledge to the test
    Your analytical and theoretical skills are put to test with a series of MCQ’s and practical application questions to prove what your made of.
    Round 2: Off-Road
    The hovercraft you made is put through an off-road challenge. The track will consist of a series of terrains and obstacles that your hovercraft will have to traverse upon. The contestants who finish the round in the least amount of time will be promoted to the next round.
    Round 3: Aqua Track
    The hovercraft made is tested for its compatibility on a water track. The craft is assessed based on its maneuverability over water. Only two contestants make it to the final battle.
    Round 4: Amphi-Track
    In the final round the remaining two contestants race on a track consisting of both land and water. The track will consist of multiple of multiple obstacles and will be the most difficult track. The fastest one to the finish line will be the winner of H.A.V.I.C.

    Event Coordinator Detail
    Sakshi +917397223394
    Achu +919447408265

    Aqua Pnema

    Harness the power of water and air to create exceptional designs that combat day to day challenges....
    Are you ready to challenge your mastery in creating aqua based designs? Resolve the hurdles and bring out the winner in you.

    Round 1: Comprehension test
    Your understanding of pneumatics and hydraulics will be put to test in series of questions that will not only leave you gasping for air but thirsty for more challenge.
    Round 2: Skills test
    If you are done scratching your head, utilize your brain to solve the problem and design a circuit. Only survivors swim it out alive for the next round.
    Round 3: Design test
    Using the circuit created in earlier round, show us your true talent by materializing your cicuit.
    Round 4: Creativity and Innovation test
    Let’s take it up a notch. Mundane designs will not do the trick here. For a sparkling finale use PLC to modify your circuit for better.

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Achu +919447408265
    Noel +918848619244


    Tired of doing all your work with your own hands? Here’s a good enough reason for you to make yourself a mechanical arm and put it to test.
    Fullmetal Alchemist is an event where you are required to build a mechanical arm with the ability to, be as functional as a human arm as possible. The functionality and practicality of your creation will be tested here.

    Round 1:
    In this round, your arms ability to grip onto a sketch-pen and sketch the given figures will be assessed. This round will test the resolution of operation and accuracy of the arm.
    Round 2:
    Now you’ve cleared the initial round, here comes the test of strength. In this round the ability of the arm to lift loads will be tested. Of course, the one that lifts the most will be scored the highest.
    Round 3:
    Brace yourselves for the final test of functionality and strength. Certainly not as easy as it sounds, the arm is required to lift a certain load and throw it. The one to throw it the furthest will be crowned champion.

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Raghav: 918168376299


    There are three responses to a piece of design – YES, NO, and WOW!
    Good design isn’t decoration. Good design is problem solving.
    The world we are in changes every second. New ideas surfaces with new difficulties and it’s up to us now to design new solutions, and what can be better than assembling your own design?!.
    Join us in CAD ‘O’ MANIA where you can design your own system according to the problem at hand and assemble it to solve it practically!.

    You will have to design individual parts of a mechanism according to the problem statement given, using SolidWorks or AutoCAD. Precision counts in this one.
    Assemble all the parts according to the design you have made in the previous round and build your very own mechanism. The cooler the better!!.
    Time to taste the thunder! Use your model to solve some applications of the mechanism. Check whether you are the next Edison!!.

    Event Coordinator Detail:
    Raghav: +918168376299
    Amartya: +917397419608