A Race For The Future

At RoboWars, contestants will have to create a brand, design and create and working robot to tackle real life solutions. Aaruush provides a national level stage to showcase your skills.

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Death Drift

By a mile or an inch, A win is a win

The roar of the Engine, the Smell of the burning rubber, the death of drift on the tar road, Ready, Set, GO!
Welcome to the technical event of Aaruush, which allows participants to build their own RC-car from complete scratch. Come and be part of the adrenaline fuelled event.

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A Coder’s Battleground

Run. Error. Debug. Fix. Run Again… If you relate to these words, then Hackathon is the spot for you. A coding event which brings together participants from all around the country. Join Aaruush’s Hackathon,

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Look To The Skies

The quadcopter is a mechanical drone operated by Visa remote control system. It's flight is controlled either autonomously by onboard computers, or by the remote control of a pilot. The unmanned aerial vehicle is a multi round event. The event gives the participants the freedom to design, build and program a quadcopter from scratch. The event showcases the latest technology in the field of mechanics and electronics.

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Spirit of a true champion

If you think you have enough athletic prowess, come and be a part of Aaruush's Sports Championships. This event includes sports like cricket, football, basketball, and more; here's your best chance to prove your mettle, and lift the trophy!




All the world's a stage! And the audience of the 21st century eagerly awaits behind the screen. Flaunt your skills in the world of cinematography. Portray the world as we know it from your view! Amaze the spectator and earn your deserved reward for it, here at Aaruush.

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