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About Campus Ambassador

The Aaruush Campus Ambassador programme selects hard-working and enthusiastic students across campuses in India to play leadership roles and conduct and market events of the fest.

The candidate should have exemplary management and networking skills to engage batchmates in activities; organize events and work through a team of volunteers. An effective communicaton, the candidate must consistently keep-in-touch with Team Aaruush, providing relevant information to be able to best serve the college community.

Why Campus Ambassador?

Get Certified

Stand a chance to represent Aaruush in your college and collaborate, build and grow as a Campus Ambassador to certified for your work.

Organize events

Brainstorm on new ideas for publicity of events and bring them to reality by organising them to the best of your capabilities.

Leadership skills

Leading from the front and being the face of Aaruush in your respective campus will help inculcating exemplary leadership skills.

Ideate Building

To be the brains behind the scenes and collaborate in organising events will allow you to grow within a team environment.

Responsibility of a CA


Be the face of Aaruush by organising and publicizing our events in your college on offline and online platform


Brainstorm on new events, artists and venues for the festival and experience your ideas come to life


Collaborate with the team in organising on-ground events in your city along with managing public relations from our end


1. Effective communication skills.
2. Exemplary knowledge about your college.
3. Contacts with students and faculty of your college. 
4. The ability to work hard and work smart.
5. Good time management skills.

Additionally, ensure that you follow Aaruush on all it's social media handles  (Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Youtube).

Hardwork is directly proportional to incentives, therefore, based on the performance of every Campus Ambassador, there is a plethora of enticing incentives waiting to be redeemed.


1. Free Entry for Aaruush’19
2. Campus Ambassador Certificates.
3. Exclusive Campus Ambassador ID cards.
4. Free Food Coupons.
5. Exclusive Aaruush Merchandise Box.
6. 50% off on Accommodation.
7. Sponsored Goodies.

Raffle Rules

1. Follow the Aaruush Instagram Page - @aaruush_srm

2. Follow the Facebook Page - Aaruush, SRMIST.

3. Follow the Twitter handle of Aaruush - @aaruushsrmist

4. Shares from Subscribe to the Aaruush YouTube channel.

5. Install the Aaruush app.

6. Not more than two campus ambassadors from one college is permitted.



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