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Terms and Conditions for Participants

The service will be given according to the availability not according to participant’s convenience.
Stated willingness on the accommodation website does not mean confirmation of accommodation. Confirmation of accommodation will only be provided on check-in at the accommodation desk.
Registration Money will be NON-REFUNDABLE at any condition.
The Accommodation will be given as per the check-in date and extension will be provided if required (AT ACCO DESK).
No separate lockers will be provided.
Accommodation will not include food.
Participants have to bring the hard copy of the receipt with reference number for the accommodation.
Overstay of more than two hours will incur Additional charges.
Smoking, Alcohol and drug use is not permitted inside college premises.
Participants have to take care of their own belongings. Aaruush will not be accountable for any loss of belongings.
The participants have to abide by all the rules of the hostel and have to be present inside the hostel premises by the specified in-time.
Kindly note that you will be required to share the accommodation provided with different students.
Requests for individual rooms or any other complaints in this regard will not be entertained.

For any Query you can contact:


1. Devvrat Vaidya - +91-97907033382
2. Tarana Parvez Kaovasia - +91-8124612603


1. Priyam Dutta - +91-7358346256
2. Sahil - +91-9736498489
3. Sneha - +91-8148790709
4. Vaibhav - +91-8939655114