10th Edition



Aaruush'16 Curtain Raiser

SRM Univeristy

Started in the year 1985, and currently ranked as one of the best private universities in the country, S.R.M. University provides students with a wide range of undergraduate,postgraduate and doctoral programs, in the fields of Engineering, Medical, Health Sciences and Sciences and Humanities. The sprawling campus, spread out over an area of 600 acres, includes state-of-the-art architecture and facilities, such as the world class library, smart class rooms, air conditioned lecture halls, Wi-Fi Campus and many more. SRM also takes pride in its 4000 capacity T.P. Ganesan auditorium, Asia's second largest auditorium.


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Aaruush Educates

'Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself'

Aaruush Educates is a one of a kind initiative from Aaruush which is centered on the belief that education is the most powerful tool which can be used to change the world. Aaruush has always been a techno-management fest with a strong emphasis on social responsibility in every edition.

The program involves educating underprivileged children studying in grades five to eight and provides a practical and enjoyable way of learning, it also strives to generate true interest in the students towards their studies. We, at Aaruush believe that the inculcation of education should be done from a very early age, especially because an individual can never know too much.

Guest lectures

'Experience is like a story. It has a beginning, an end, and a lot of life in between.’

AARUUSH plays host to various guest lectures each year, featuring speakers who are not only prominent in their fields, but also impactful to the youth. It has proved to be a stage where the students indulge in the plethora of knowledge that the lecturers bring in.

These exciting sessions promise to provide fodder for the young innovative minds. The exposure to ideas and technical substance are bound to plant the seeds of revolutionary concepts.

Industrial Conclave

'Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself'

Aaruush'16 presents "Industrial Conclave”, an event which provides a platform for students to interact with leading personalities of premier industries and institutions from across the nation. This forum will expose the aspiring industrialist to the challenges faced by the current leaders and how to curb these issues.

Industrial conclave this year will feature guest lectures from the very best in the field of management. The conclave will arm the students with managerial skills, innovative ideas and a general mindset as to what is expected of a jobholder in today’s world. It will be a fun and interactive session in which the students will learn the norms of the industrial world.

Startup Weekend

“Come build your company in 54 hours”.

Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate and empower individuals along with teams and communities who are learning the basics of start-ups and launching successful ventures.

The event inspires students to bring forward their best ideas. The teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas and building a basic viable product. Then the teams then demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts. Startup weekend is a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and marketing. This is the closest experience to the hustle of Corporate Miasma the students can get.


“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”

Swastika is a national-level inter-school quiz program hosted by Aaruush. Swastika is a Sanskrit word that means "a good start”. Every year SWASTIKA reaches out to hundreds of schools spread across many cities. Over 15000 students participate in this quiz which covers a wide range of subjects like science, history, social science and many other subjects. AARUUSH wishes to continue educating the youth of the country and thus, has taken this initiative to ignite the minds of the next generation.


Unconference brings us an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of our esteemed panelists on the most heated arguments and events from around the globe. This intimate gathering will bridge the gap between the professional and student communities, thus facilitating a deeper understanding of the issues plaguing our society.

With two Unconferences this year, there is more room for one to voice their opinions and imbibe “other’s” views on the matter being discussed. The two topics that were deliberated upon last year were ˜Leading India: Science or “Politics” and ˜NaMoNomics”.


One of the major highlights of Aaruush, every year, has been the Pro-Show. A mesmerizing display of talents from various walks of life, perpetually manages to enthrall the on-lookers, who bring themselves to the event in search of fervors and jubilation.

A captivating performance by Vivek Patil - India’s first Radium-LED painter - had the crowd astonished with his skillful usage of Radium-LED, for the purpose of creating imaginative pieces of art. Spontaneous Fantasia by J. Walt of Disney fame, Sand Art, Ebru Art by Turkish Artist Garip Ay and Nail art have not failed to mesmerize audience over the years.

Not only does it perpetually manage to provide a welcome break from the technicalities of the fest, but also gives the students an opportunity to witness some breath-taking skill and talent, and all in all, return after enjoying a memorable evening.


Going with the philosophy of learning while you do, Workshops at Aaruush provide an opportunity to go one on one with the latest technology while providing valuable hands on experience under the guidance of renowned professionals. Workshops promise to be an enjoyable yet enriching experience to the participants with significant interaction amongst peers sharing the same interests.

In the past, workshops at Aaruush have featured topics like Ethical Hacking, Wireless Sensor Networks, Application of GIS, Transbotics, Accelerobotics and Motor Bike Overhauling. Aaruush '15 had representatives from Indian Forensic Organization, National Instruments, Civil Simplified and ARK Techno Solutions conducting few of the workshops.

Aaruush promises to open up new realms for you to explore this year as well.


As Aaruush evolves and progresses through its editions, so does the level of competition. Each year people participate in different competitions under various fields. The championships brings you a varied extravaganza of competitions all under one roof. Championships in Aaruush presents an appealing and exciting set of challenges for people looking out for some contention. Championships provide students with an opportunity to showcase their talent. The four championships we had last year were in the fields of Robotics, Sports, Coding and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Championships provide a platform to the students testing their limits and skills.


The word Konvolve has been derived from the word "convolution". Knowledge and learning is not restricting yourselves to your branch of specialization but about innovations and simple solutions to greater problems utilizing the knowledge of varied disciplines of learning. Standing true to its meaning, the event KONVOLVE is an Intra-SRM Multidisciplinary Project Competition and Exhibition, which is open to students under all the faculties of SRM University. The event aims at bringing minds together, "convolving" from various disciplines, to come up with a project, based on their ideas, in the true spirit of learning.

In its first two editions, Konvolve experienced the presence of eminent personalities like Mr. Rajan Anandan, Managing director, Google India and Dr. Tessy Thomas, the Project Director of Agni-IV missile at DRDO for the prize distribution ceremonies. Konvolve draws in the development of various projects under a number of versatile themes which represent and incorporate the latest cutting edge in each of the various departments like Green Buildings, Intelligent Biology, Energy Efficient Machines and control, Green Vehicles etc. by the participants.


Aaruush has been the culmination of a variety of different exhibitions held all around the campus, from different backgrounds and walks of life. Aaruush was the first stage of any fest where the Arjun MK I and II tanks were displayed. Apart from that, other expos such as the Auto Expo, Bike Expo, Stunt Show, Air Force expo, Naval Expo, Comic Expo, Coins Expo and Stamps expo capture the inquisitive minds of students and participants

Robotics Club

Being the crux of innovation and the base of technological advancements in the college, Aaruush has provided a platform to all sorts of technical teams to showcase their spark. The Robotics Club is no different, as it consists of a varied bunch of young, enthusiastic and visionary students with a view of using and building robots and other robotic instruments to make use of in everyday life. The Robolympix is another competition where the students build their own robots and compete to see who comes out on top.

Initiatives and NGOs

Aaruush does its bit to give back to society in every way possible.Aaruush has been associated with a number of well-established NGOs such as PETA, Paperman, CRY, MAD, Driksha etc. which promote awareness for a number of social causes such as fair treatment of animals, education for the children, help for the under-privileged and saving the ecosystem. The fest acts as the perfect platform for these NGOs to reach out to a much larger audience and help spread the word about what the NGOs stand for. Other than this, Aaruush works towards sustainability by celebrating Earth Hour every year. We also had Paperbag Campaign in the previous edition. The 9th edition also saw the first ever SRM RUN with the theme of “Clean SRM, Green SRM”.


Aaruush, rising in the spirit of innovation, comes up with real time projects and applications of these ideas, which can be used for the betterment of society. A wide range of projects have been initiated, such as the Automated Room Control, the Mini-Supercomputer, the Smart Pillow and the Smart shoes, which are ready to take the world by storm upon its completion. Working on these innovative projects are a team of highly technical and spirited individuals from different departments, with the common goal of changing the world. Companies can associate themselves with these ingenious ideas, making sure their names come second to none, when it comes to being recognized as pioneers of a better tomorrow.


Being one of India’s leading Techno-Management fests, Aaruush focuses its primary attention towards the technical events. Consisting of more than 50 events spread out over 14 domains covering all fields of Engineering and Management, the various events have the focus for the fest, having given birth to a number of innovations and technical breakthroughs over the years. Domains such as Electrizite, Machination, Yuddhame, Fundaz, Magefficie etc. test the mettle of the participants by aiming their rounds on the use of the participants’ technical expertise and knowledge. Be it what they have learnt in their classes in college or their basic concepts from school, the Events encompass them into a fun, informative and highly enthusiastic amalgamation.

Aaruush Ambassador Program

The AARUUSH Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity provided to selected students from other universities and colleges to represent their college during AARUUSH. The ambassadors thus selected will be provided with amazing goodies, certificates of excellence, travelling and accommodation will be taken care of, and direct access to exclusive concerts and proshows ,to boot. Imagine yourself being audience to AGNEE band, Chetan Bhagat, Tessy Thomas, among many others. Through this program all this will be possible, that too free of cost.

Come realise your Dream.

Come be a part of the AARUUSH Ambassador Program.

How to Reach SRM

The SRM University Main Campus (Kattankulathur) is 40 kms from Chennai city on NH 45, and around 20 kms from Chennai Airport. The nearest Bus stop and Railway station is Potheri. The University is well connected by road, rail and air.

By Rail

Those coming from other states of India by train, should get down at the Chennai Central Station, come out and cross the high road through the pedestrian subway and reach 'Park' suburban metro rail station. Two destination trains are available from Park suburban metro rail station - to (i) Tambaram (TMB) (ii) Chengalpattu (CGL).

(i) If you take the train to Tambaram, then get down at Tambaram and reach the local bus stand there. Take T60 or T60 LSS bus and get down at SRM or Potheri stop. It is a 20 minute travel from Tambaram to reach SRM University. (Total Travel time from Chennai Central Railway Station will be around One Hour).

(ii) If you take the train to Chengalpattu, you can directly reach Potheri railway station. SRM University is just opposite to Potheri railway station.

By Air

The nearest railway station from the Chennai Airport is Tirusulam, located just opposite the Airport. Get on a train towards Tambaram and follow the instructions given in the 'By Rail' section above for reaching SRM University.

Shuttle bus service is available from SRM University main gate to commute around the university.


Upon reaching SRMU

Look out for the directions, which we shall position at appropriate locations within the campus. The hospitality team would assist you from the main gate. The team will have their helpdesk located at important locations. All the participants should report to the accommodation help desk at JAVA GREEN. If you are not coming by taxi/auto, board the SRMU shuttle at the Main gate, which plies every 20 minutes, and has a stop in front of our main help desk at JAVA GREEN.

Nominal charges for accommodation facility will be collected here depending on the number of days you wish to avail the facility.

Kindly note that you will be required to share the accommodation provided with different students. Requests for individual rooms or any other complaints in this regard will not be entertained.

There are a variety of canteens inside the campus which provide food at reasonable rates.

Help Desk

Apart from this, the Help Desk - which forms an indispensable part of Aaruush - will be set up just outside JAVA GREEN.

The help desk should be your Rendezvous point to get an insight into the happenings at Aaruush. Participants should contact the help desk for queries regarding any event, or any doubts about Aaruush in general. Aaruush ID cards, which are required to participate in any event, will be available at the Registration Desk, the venue of the registration desk would be available at all the help desks in the campus. All the Event registrations would be done only after the participant has done the common registration, both the registrations will be conducted at the Registration Desk. Results for any events can also be availed at the Help desk. Updates on events, Lost & Found items and a lot more facilities will be made available here. Do visit the Hospitality Desk. We will be Happy to Help.